PS020190 PS2/190
PS020194 PS2/194A
PS020195 PS2/195A
PS020198 PS2/198
PS020205 PS2/205A-F
PS020212 PS2/212
PS020214 PS2/214
PS020215 PS2/215
Logic Power Supplier provides 5V at 6A from commercial
switching, regulated power supply module. Front panel
meter displays output volts. CH1/64A. SCPD 1975.
New commercial, switching regulated power supply module
because existing module no longer made. Front panel has
mains on/off switch, 5V LED and meter. Power requirements
240V a.c. mains. CH1/64A. SCPD 1978.
Stabilised Power Supplier. As PS2/194 but fitted with a
magnetically shielded mains transformer. CH1/65B. DD
1977. DDMI 9.209(75).
Stabilised Power Supplier. As PS2/194A - But modified to
increase available current on unregulated +8V to 1.8Amps
and the 12V rails to 0.7 Amps. Modified for use with the
CD4M/8. DD 1983.
Stabilised Power Supplier. A version of the PS2/194A Power
Supplier for use with FASOR (EP5S/27) synchronizer.
+12 V at 750 mA.
-12 V at 500 mA.
+5 V at regulated ) at 1 A for the combination.
+8 V unregulated )
Power requirements 250 Vac. Parent equipment RD4S/21. DD
1984. DDMI 7.528(85).
unregulated d.c., 7.5 volts to 30 volts and gives two
separate supplies each of 5V, 2.75 amps. DD 1977.
Stabilised Power Supplier providing either +5.2 volts at 3
amps or +12 volts at 1 amp and either -5 volts at lA or
from unstabi1ised
vo1tages are set by linking pins on the socket into which
this unit plugs. Module 130mm x 130mm x 50mm. DD 1975.
Stabilised Power Supplier. PS2/198 with improved
mechanical layout. Accepts unregulated d.c., 7.5 volts to
30 volts to give 5V, 2.75 amps regulated, and -7.5 to -30
volts to give -5V, amp regulated. The output may be raised
to +12V by a wired link to the connector. DD 1977.
Stabilised Power Supplier with current limitation and
thermal protection providing a dual power supply. (A) 2 x
5V at 700mA; (B) 2 x 12V at 500mA; (C) 2 x 13.5V at 500mA;
(D) 2 x 15V at lA; (E) 1 x 5V at 700mA and 1 x 12V at
500mA; (F) 2 x 15V at 500mA. CH1/64A. RD 1976.
Power Supplier stabilised, with current limitation, and
thermal protection full chassis printed circuit board
providing a dual power supply of 12 V at 1 A dc. Power
requirements 240 V ac mains. CH1/64A. RD 1978.
Stabilised Power Supplier providing 6V at 2A d.c. for use
in PA18M/529 but suitable for general purpose use. Based
on PS2/118 but mounted CH1/64A. DD 1976. DDMI 8.580(77).
Stabilised Power Supplier providing 12V at 2A d.c.
designed for use in PA18L/529 but suitable for general use.
CH1/64B. DD 1977. DDMI 8.581(77).
"Advance" series regulator controlled stabilised power
supply type PMG 12-2.7 mounted in CH1/64B with its output