PS020229 PS2/229
PS020230 PS2/230
PS020231 PS2/231
PS020232 PS2/232
PS020233 PS2/233
PS020234 PS2/234
PS02023s PS2/23s
PS020236 PS2/236
PS020237 PS2/237
PS020238 PS2/238
PS020239 PS2/239
PS020240 PS2/240
Battery Charger for recharging up to 10 Uher 4000 series
portable tape recorders when fitted with sealed lead-acid
batteries. Provides 10 outputs of 6.ssV with 300mA current
limit. Individual circuit charging indication and switched
metering of charging current.
First used PRDU replaces
individual commercial units. Drawings TSR 2102 series.
Power requirements 240V a.c. main SOW. Supersedes
Commercial Equipment. 483mm panel in Imhof-Bedco Datum
DB4UH Case. TSR 1978.
Dual Output Power Supplier. This power supplier is
electrically and mechanically identical to the PS2/187L)
with the exception of the side plates) which are made of
mu-metal to reduce stray magnetic radiation. Power
requirements 240V a.c. CH1/64A. DD 1978.
Power Supplier 2 x -24V d.c. stabilised. For starting
Band 11 Power Amplifiers AM14/26 and AM14/27. Power
requirements 240V a.c. 50Hz mains. Full width panel 2U
high. TCPD 1978.
Gould Advance Power Supplier MMG 5-5 fitted to BMM CH1/64A
chassis. Providing SV at SA d.c. Power requirements 240V
a.c. mains at O.sA maximum. RD 1978.
Gould Advance Power Supply MMG 12-2/5 fitted to BMM CH1/64A
chassis. Providing l2V at 2.sA d.c. Power requirements
240V a.c. mains at O.sA maximum. RD 1978.
Stabilised Power Supplier providing SV lA from mains if
present otherwise from sOV d.c. feed. CH1/64B. DD 1978.
Stabilised 30V Supply. One of two units providing 30V d.c.
supply for AM14/26A Band 11 Amplifier. Power requirements
240V 50kHz a.c. Commercially made case 38lmm x 203mm x
203mm. Variant of PA1/73. TCPD 1978.
24V d. c. commercially produced power supply unit. Power
requirements 240V a.c. mains. CH1/64. TCPD 1978.
Power Supplier panel used on AM14/26 and AM14/27 (modified
BA13/1s) to feed two PA9/1s. Comprises two 3 4V l8A
constant voltage transformers and two receifiers on 483mm x
3l0mm panel occupying 480mm of bay height. Power
requirements a.c. mains. Panel 483mm x 3l0mm. DD 1978.
Power Supply for apology caption equipment.
inputs (for stand-by-mains). Consists of
supp1ying:- +sV at 3A d.c. -sV at O.lA d.c.
d.c. CH1/64B. DD 1978.
Has 2 mains
3 regulators
+12V at O.lA
Power Supplier. As PS2/187G but without fold-back current
equipment SE1M/s01. DD 1978.
l2V Power Supplier. Stabilised power supply using
commercial power supplier l2V O.sA. Front panel consists
of mains on/off switch L.E.D. to meter. Power requirements
a.c. mains. CH1/64A. SCPD 1978.