PS020241 PS2/241
PS020242 PS2/242
PS020244 PS2/244
PS020245 PS2M/245
PS020246 PS2M/246
PS020247 PS2/247
PS020248 PS2/248
PS020249 PS2/249
PS0202S0 PS2/2S0
PS0202S1 PS2/2S1
SV and 12V Power Supplier. Stabilised power supply using
commercial power suppliers 12V O.5A and SV 6A. Front panel
consists of 2 switches mains on/off, 2 L.E.D.'s 2 meters.
Power requirements a.c. mains. CH1/64B. SCPD 1978.
Power Supplier. As PA2/l86A but without fold-back current
limiting. Power requirements 240V. Half CH1/64A. Parent
equipment PS2/239. DD 1978.
Power Supplier. Stabilised power supply. Provides !15V at
500mA and +5V at 3A from mains output. Power requirements
mains. CH1/64B. Parent equipment TM4M/3. RD 1978.
Power Supplier Rack providing 24V d. c. regulated
wi th remote sensing to 3 EP8 connectors at rear.
requirements 240V a.c. Unit form 483mm 4U
(modified). Sub-units PS2/222. SCPD 1979.
Power Supplier Rack provides 24v d.c. regulated at 2A, and
two 50V d.c. supplies regulated at O.SA in to 3 EP8
power bricks
mounted in modular form plug in units. Power requirements
240V a.c. 3A. Unit form ISEP 356mm 4UH chassis
(modified). Sub-units PS2/224 and PS2/223. SCPD 1979.
Power Supplier.
SV, 20A. Provided by advance switching power supply, type
24V, l2V and 6V. Provided by two sub-boards mounted within
the chassis.
Functions provided SV, 20A.
!24V, !12V, !6V.
500mA distributed in the +VE rail.
SOOmA distributed in the -VE rail.
Current limited by transformer.
Mains input. CH1/64B. RD 1979.
Power Supplier.
SV, 40A. Provided by Advance Switching Power Supply, Type
MGS-40B. Output to McMurdo Red Range Connector.
5V, 700mA. Provided by sub-board conventionally mounted
within chassis. This sub-board is identical to that listed
in PS2/S02A. Output to G06 connector.
Power requirements mains input. CH1/64D. RD 1979.
Power Supplier.
Power Supply.
input. CH1/64C.
SV, 40A. Provided by Advance Switching
Type MGS-40B. Power requirements mains
RD 1979.
Power Supplier. A regulator battery and charger unit which
supplies +6V, -6V stabilised. In the event of an output
power failure the supply is maintained by the internal
battery. Power requirements +12V, -12V stabilised d.c.
from a PS2/163. CH1/6SA. Parent equipment PS2M/2S1. DD
Power Supplier Rack. 3 x PS2/167 mounted in a 2U BMM frame
together with regulators to provide +SV x -9 V with common
mains inputs. Outputs provided are +12V, +SV, -9V. Power