PS020273 PS2/273
PS020274 PS2/274
PS02027S PS2/27S
PS020276 PS2/276
PS020277 PS2/277
PS020278 PS2/278
PS020279 PS2/279
PS020280 PS2M/280
PS020282 PS2/282
facility of feeding through RF signals from TNC socket on
the front panel to 5MB socket on the rear panel. Power
requirements 240V AC. CH1/64A. DD 1980. DDMI S.396(81).
Battery Unit. Standby power unit for automatic fault
reporters TM1M/1, TM1M/1A, TM1M/1B and TM1M/1C, comprising
sealed lead-acid battery and automatic recharging circuit.
Power requirements Mains (240V, SOHz, 40VA). Unit housed
Power Supplier. SV-SA stabilised PSU with overload
protection i.e. over current and over voltage. Power
requirements 210V-260V a.c. mains. BMM CH1/64B printed
circuit board half 4u CH1/64 mounted. DD 1980.
Power Supplier. Plug in replacement for PS2/187K having
the same code plate and connections. Uses commercial PSU
module. Output is two separate 18V 1 amp supplies. Power
requirements AC mains. CH1/64A. DD 1980. DDMI 6.381(81).
DDHB 6.237(83).
Power Supplier. 12V, SA. Provided by Advance miniature
switching power supply, type MMG 12 - S output to McMurdo
red range type connector. Power requirements Mains input.
3 x J Width Chassis. RD 1980.
Power Supplier. SV, 20A and 2 x 12V, 2A. Provided by ACDC
power supply model RT 101. Output for SV to McMurdo red
range type connector. Output for 12V to ERN1 11-way type
connector. Power requirements Mains input. S x J Width
Chassis. RD 1980.
Power Supplier. This power supply contains a MELCHER LSR
300S-7 Chopper Power Supply S volt at 6 amp. Power
requirements 240v AC SOHz. CH1/12A. Supersedes PS2/134.
Parent equipment EP8/S04 and EP8/S0S and EP8/S06. DD 1980.
Power Supplier. Supplies 8S0mA at 6V with foldback current
limiting and overvoltage protection.
is a modified
PS2/18S. Power requirements 240V AC Mains. PCB to half
fill CH1/64A. Parent equipment PS2/187S. DD 1981. DDMI
1.248(81) .
Power Supplier. The PS2M/280 comprises 4 off PSS/6, DC to
DC converters together with their associated rectifier
units PS3/6S. All sub-units slide out from the front of
the unit for maintenance. Power requirements 4 x (40V RMS,
40A). 12U 19" Rack Mounting. Parent equipment AM14/S1.
Sub-units PS3/6S, PSS/6. DD 1981.
Power Supplier. i1SV Power Supplier, 200mA continuous per
rail. Power supplier incorporates Glen Sound Services 3.6"
stabiliser PSU card GS426) mounted within a 3U chassis
(CH1/82B) for use with PN3/S8 rack. Note: This is a ONE
off packaging used at Cardiff Stud~uite 1 Cubicle.
Power requirements 240V mains (AC). CH1/82B (Coding
positions: 1, 3, S). SCPD/SSRU 1981.