PS020283 PS2/283
PS020284 PS2/284
PS02028S PS2/28S A-C
PS020286 PS2/286
PS020:d7 PS2/287
PS020288 PS2/288
PS020289 PS2/289
PS020290 PS2/290
PS020291 PS2M/291
Power Supplier. Power supplier - stabilised outputs of
+12V, +SV and -6V. Part of UN26/S62. Power requirements
240V mains. Parent equipment UN26/S62. DD 1982.
Power Supplier.
SV at SA max.
+12V at lA max.
-12V at lA max.
Common earth. Total power 3SW. Mains
Packard switched mode power supplier.
Mains. CH1/64A. DD 1982.
Provides 3 stabilised DC output voltages
input. Uses Hewlett
Power requirements
Power Supplier. Positive and
operational amplifier supplies.
PS2/28S A t12V 7S0mA
PS2/28S B t1SV 600mA
PS2/28S C t18V SOOmA
Power requirements mains input.
negative power supply for
CH1/64A. RD 1982.
Power Supplier. Power supply
Streak" transposers TM4M/S02 and
requirements mains 450 watts.
113mm (D). DD 1982.
for use with two "Silver
two IOW amplifiers. Power
S06mm (L) x 164mm (W) x
Provides two separately regualted floating SV lA supplies.
Based on LM317 regulators with current limit and thermal
overload protection. Developed for use with Ident and
Countdown Generator. Power requirements 240V mains.
CH1/6SB. Open University 1982.
Power Supplier. The Power Supply is a constituent part of
the CINETRACE system. It provides supplies of tSOV
unregulated, t12V regulated, and +SV regulated for the
Telecine Control Rack. Power requirements 240V AC, t18V
unregulated, +8V unregulated. CH1/82B. Parent equipment
EP1M/SSO. DD 1982.
Power Supplier. SV, 60A provided
poiwer supply type MGS-60B. Output
connector. Power requirements mains
by Advance Swi tching
to McMurdo red range
input. CH1/64D. RD
Power Supplier. Stabilised Power Supply, delivering 800mA
at t12.SV, can also be used to supply +2SV or -2SV.
Electrically identical to PS2/163. Power requirements as
PS2/163. CH1/82B. SCPD 1982.
Dual 16V Power Supplier. First developed for Outside
Broadcast communications in television. Rack unit contains
three 16V 8A switching regulators t16V outputs. Failure of
either main output, switches the third regulator into
circuit, an indicator alarm warns of this event. Power
requirements 240V AC 50Hz. 3U high Euro Chassis with 3
card mounted Gould switching regulators type lSV 8A PS4/20.
Supersedes PS2/264, PS2/263, PS2/224. Sub-units PS4/20 (3
off). SCPD 1983.