PS020292 PS2/292
PS020294 PS2/294
PS020295 PS2/295
PS020296 PS2/296
PS020297 PS2/297
PS020298 PS2M/298
PS020299 PS2/299
PS020300 PS2/300
PS020301 PS2/301
PS020302 PS2/302
Power Supplier. First developed for Outside Broadcast
communications in television. The unit uses two integrated
circuit regulators to provide t7.5V for all panel circuits
and lights external to the communications racking, up to a
maximum current of 5A. Power requirements t16V 2A.
100mm x 220mm Eurocard. Supersedes PS2/218, PS2/219. DD
Stabilised Power Supplier. Power supply Gould switchcuits
30V 4A power brick mounted on ISEP chassis. Input on to a
Cannon "D" connector output on McMurdo 16-pin "red" range
connector. Power requirements 240V AC. ISEP 3U 140mmW x
178mmH x 254mmD. SCPD 1983.
Stabilised Power Supplier. Power supplier for EP5M/23.
From 190-260 Vac input supplies are:- t12 V 800 mA audio
circuitry supply. + 12 V, lA lamp supply. +5 V 300 mA
logic supply. Power requirements 240 V. CH1/82B. Parent
equipment EP5M/23. DD 1983. DDMI 3.740(85).
Stabilised Power Supplier. Provides outputs of
5.25 V at 1.5 A
12 V at 0.5 A
12 V at 0.5 A
(An updated PS2/184 specification).
6.251(84). EDI 10496(1)JUL 84.
Power requirements
DDMI 6.419. DDHB
Stabilised Power Supplier. Supplies +5 V at 3 A, +15 V at
250 mA, -15 V at 250 mA. For GE1SM/20, Stereo Tone
Sequence Generator. Power requirements 240 V. CH1/82B
(3U). Parent equipment GE1SM/20. DD 1984.
Stabilised Power Supplier. 4U rack containing two 'half-
width' plug in modules. Each module contains a Kingshill
stabilised P.S. type S1510 (set at 8 V) and an alarm PCB
(SP27690). Power requirements 240 Vac. SCPD, RBSS 1984.
Stabilised Power Supplier. 24 V regulated power supplier
for use in Local Radio VHF drive byas to power control
unit. Power requirements 240 Vac. CH1/64A. TCPD 1984.
Stabilised Power Supplier. For powering amplifiers AM7/20
and AM7/25 t24 V at 1.5 A. Power requirements 240 V ac
t6%. 3U chassis, panel width 84.4 mm. DD 1984.
Stabilised Power Supplier. Mains input and two isolated
regulated 12 V at 300 mA max. outputs. Front Panel
Indicator is one L.E.D. (Yellow). Mains transformer is
toroidal for minimum external field. Power requirements
240 V, ac at 10 VA. CH1/65A. TCPD 1984.
Stabilised Power Supplier.
Supplies 5 V at 2 A. +15 V at 350 mA. -15 V
Power requirements 240 Vac. 50 Hz. CH1/82B
3.746(85). DDHB 3.317(85).
at 350 mA.
(3U 'B'-width
1985. DDMI