PS020303 PS2/303
PS020304 PS2/304
PS020305 PS2/305
PS020306 PS2/306
PS020307 PS2/307
PS020308 PS2/308
PS020309 PS2/309
PS030048 PS3/48
PS030052 PS3/52A
Stabilised Power Supplier. A stabilised power supplier
delivering +24 V at 250 mA and +5 V at 500 mA from 240 V ac
mains supply. Used to supply to the Telephone Select Unit
UN21/60 which forms part of the Telephone Effects Unit
UN4/10. The unit is modular with an enclosed chassis plug.
Non-BBC H 114 mm x D 194 mm x 50 mm. Parent equipment
UN4/10. Communications and Engineering Services 1985.
24 V Stabilised Power Supplier. 24 V, 5 A continuously
rated stabilised power supply of simple design. Thermally
protected and capable of surges up to 8 A. It incorporates
indication of AC available from transformer and DC out.
Unstabilised dc is available on pins a 10 and b 10 of rear
plug for monitoring of supply status. Power requirements
240 Vac. CH1/82B. R.E.S 1985.
Battery Charger Power Supplier. Battery charger for up to
4 UHER 4000 series portable tape recorders fitted with
sealed lead-acid batteries. It incorporates storage space
for each machine and is fitted with individual locks.
Individual charging indication is by way of 3-way traffic
light device to show faulty batteries. First used prdu.
to replace individual commercial units. Drawings R.E.S.
2276 series. 240 V ac at 3A. Technical Facilities (R.E.S)
Stabilised Power Supplier. +8 V, 1 A; -8 V, lA.
Stabilised supply provided by 2 x M461C transformers.
Output via 17 pole plug. Each output adjustable from front
rear panel.
requirements 240 Vac. RD 1985.
Stabilised Power
5 V, 750 mA and
connector. Power
RD 1985.
Supplier. Stabilised supply providing
30 V, 250 mA. Output via G06, 32 way
requirements 240 V a.c. Chassis CH1/64A.
Stabilised Power Supplier. Linear Power Supply for use in
the RC1S/515 Datacast Receiver. The following outputs are
available: +5 V at 0.6 A, +12 V at 0.3 A, -12 V at 0.15 A
+40 V at 10 mA (unstablised).
Power requirements
220-260 Vac, 20 W. PCB 366 mm x 203 mm. Parent equipment
RC1S/515. D & ED(V) 1986.
Stabilised Power Supplier. Provides outputs of +15 V at
800 mA. A stabilised supplier provided by 2 x M462C
transformers. The output is via a 17-pole plug. Each
output is adjustable from the front of the unit with test
points on the rear panel. Power requirements: 240 V ac.
2 U 'B' width chassis. RD 1986.
Unstabilised Power Supplier, 750mA
(approximately). Intended to power four
AM10/10. Diecast box, l20mm x 95mm x 55mm.
3.561. DDHB 3.133.
d.c. at 22V
amplifiers type
DD 1972. DDMI
10V Power Supplier. Unregulated Power Supplier, the
version fulfils a requirement for a 10 volt AC Lamp Supply.
Power requirements mains 240 volts. ED 1981.