PS030053 PS3/53
PS030057 PS3/57
PS030059 PS3/59
PS030060 PS3/60
PS030061 PS3/61
PS030062 PS3/62
PS030063 PS3/63
PS030064 PS3/64
PS030066 PS3/66
PS030067 PS3/67
PS030068 PS3/68
PS030070 PS3/70
Unstabilised Power Supply for use with two AM6/16. 35V at
500mA d.c. and -19V at 500mA d.c. from nominal 240V a.c.
input. CH1/65B. DD 1975. DDMI 6.287(77).
Power supplier for Monitoring and Information Centres,
providing 6 supplies of t16 volts nominal at 1.6 amps and 6
supplies of t16 volts nominal at 100mA from three separate
mains inputs. PN3/54 modified. DD 1977.
Power Supplier. Provides l17V at 3A for RD4/12.
240-ll7V transformer and associated switch,
indicator lamp. Power requirements 240V 50Hz.
203mm x 178mm x 152mm. Parent equipment EP1/17.
DDMI 7.440(80).
fuse and
Metal box
DD 1977.
Power Supplier. Provides two t80V unstabilised feeds with
20mA current limiters for Monitoring and Information
Centres. Also house a 7.5V Ni-Cad battery for mains
failure back up of main store power supplies, and small
logic board for deriving data failure and alarm signals.
Power requirements 240V a.c., 5V d.c. 2U BMM 483 mm rack.
DD 1978.
Power Supplier. Provides t15V at 1.6A and
feed Visual Display Unit UN12M/6 from mains.
unstabilised. Power requirements 240V a.c.
rack. DD 1978.
+9V at 6A to
Supplies are
2U BMM 483mm
Power Supply. Provides a smoothed by unregulated supply at
+9V 1.5A, -20V 100mA. Power requirements 240 V at lA a.c.
mains. 3U high ISEP card. DD 1978.
24v Power Supplier. Coutant BPS-500/24 fitted into CH1/64D
with suitable "plug-in" mains and DC connectors. To supply
unregulated 24 volts DC at maximum current of 5 amps.
Power requirements Mains (240v). CH1/64D. SCPD 1981.
Power Supplier. Supplies t18 V, 2 A for powering up to 12
CH1/64B. DD 1981. DDMI 8.630(82). DDHB 8.372(81).
Unstablised Power Supplier. This Power
to PS3/64 and is pin compatible. It
18V unregulated d.c. at 1.6A max.
AM4/24. Power requirements 240V AC.
Supplier is similar
provides 18V - 0 -
(For use wi th the
CH1/64A. TCPD 1982.
Unstabilised Power Supplier. Supplies t18V lA for up to 6
AM4/536. Power requirements 240V 50Hz. CH1/64A. DD
1982. DDMI 8.646(83).
Unstabilised Power Supplier. t24V at 5A unregulated Power
Supplier for 50 AM7/20. Options include PCB for paralleled
operation of 2 units (5 Amp. Max.) plus PCB for relay
equipment PA9M/25. SCPD 1982.
Unstabilised Power Supplier. Enables the O.B. version of
Nicam 3 to be run off 240 V ac mains or nominal 24 V