PA060l05 PA6!105
PA060l06 PA6/l06
PA060l07 PA6/l07
PA060l08 PA6M/108
PA060l09 PA6/l09
PA060110 PA6/110
PA060lll PA6M/lll
PA060ll2 PA6M/112
Tape Control Panel. A tape control panel for Bush House
use. The panel selects one of twelve recording sources to
the input of a tape machine, and also displays source
selected on an L.E.D. display. Output of tape machine can
be switched to one of two busbars. Each panel handles two
requirements +SV, OV. SCPD 1979.
O.S. Level and Monitoring Panel. This panel is designed to
be used with PA6/l0S. It can alter the gain by !6dB of up
to six outside sources. A PPM is also provided to monitor
the final O.S. levels, the intermachine busbars, desk
output and up to six tape machine replay p. f. outputs.
Power requirements +12V, OV, -12V. Sub-units AMS/19. SCPD
Cue Selector Panel. Footswitch Cue Selector Panel used in
DK4/l9 to enable a footswitch to operate either master cue
DK4/l9. SCPD 1979.
Z80 Microprocessor Panel. General purpose panel based on
PN3/S4 fitted with motherboard supporting 4U Z80
microprocessor bus, card guides and part wired hinged rear
panel. Accommodates power suppliers PS2/l87G and PS4/4 or
equivalent and up to 10 units based on the Z80 bus.
Specific provision is made for a GE8/S0S VDU, a C010/2
floppy disk controller and 2 input/output units. Power
requirements mains. PN3/S4. Sub-units UN26/3l, UN27/l,
UN27/7, UN23/130, C010/2, C04/6, PS2/l87G and PS4/4. DD
Monitor Control Panel. Local control panel for the Digital
Field Store Standards Converter Monitor System (MN8M/2).
Operational when converter is 'local mode'. Power
requirements +SV from PS4/6. CH1/6SD. Parent equipment
MN8M/2. DD 1980.
Floppy Disk Store Control Panel. The remote control box
for the Floppy Disk Field Store enables the operator to
'Store' and 'Replay' pictures from up' to SOm away from the
main hardware. It is connected to the RD4M/S08 through a
20-way cable terminated with Varelco sockets (code Al/l).
Power requirements 24V and SV supplied through the cable.
Die-cast box (93.7 x 119.1 x 52.4). Parent equipment
RD4M/S08. DD 1980.
HF Sender Control. The Panel contains two independent sets
of plug-in units and rear connector, each capable of
controlling the operation of a HF Sender. Power
requirements SOV DC. PN3/S4. Sub-units UN26/31, C04/8,
C04/9, C04/10, UN27/12. DD 1980.
HF Control System Supervisor. The equipment provides
supervisory control over a number of subsidiary units which
together form a system of automatic control of a HF
transmitting station. Power requirements SOV DC. PN3/S4.
Sub-units UN26/3l, UN27/l2, UN27/l, GE8/S0S, C04/8, C04/10,
C04/l1. DD 1980.