PS040047 PS4/47
PS040048 PS4/48
PS040049 PS4/49
PS040050 PS4/50
PS040051 PS4/51
PS040052 PS4/52
PS050001 PS5/1
PS050002 PS5/2
PS050003 PS5/3
Switched Mode Power Supplier.
+5 V 5 A,+15 V 0.8 A, -15 V 0.8 A. Uses a
(Technitron) supply unit type ESK 50 - 1515, 50 W.
supplies: +5 V, 5 A; +15 V, 0.8 A; -15 V, 0.8 A.
requirenents: mains. CH1/64A. RD 1986.
Switched Mode Power Supplier.
+15 V, 10 A; +12 V, 1.5 A; -12 V 0.5 .
(Technitron) Supply Unit type ESK80
supplies: +15 V, 10 A; +12 V, 1.5 A; -12
requirements: mains. CH1/64A. RD 1986.
Uses a Volgen
1212A. Output
V, 0.5 A. Power
Switched Mode Power Supplier. A 4 U crate containing one
or two switched mode power supply modules, depending upon
options. The SMPS modules are Advance Powerflex 500, each
of which provides +5 V, 60 A; +12 V, 7 A; -12 V, 7 A; 2 x
-5 V, 7 A. Power requirements 240 Vac. Chassis PN3/54.
D & ED (V) 1986.
Switched Mode Power Supplier. A free standing, i.e. it is
not rack-mountable, 24 V d.c. switched mode power supply.
Used to power 1 off EP1MP/61 + 1 off EP1P/60 Radio Mic.
Receiver Equipment or 4 off EP1P/60. Power requirements
240 V a.c. D & ED (RF) 1986.
Switched Mode Power Supplier. This is a commercial Power
Supplier mounted in a 6U plug-in module, and provides +5V
and :t18V. It is used in the 6 channel NICAM II Decoder,
CD3M/58. Power requirements 240Vac 100VA). Plug-in 6U
chassis. Parent equipment CD3M/58. D&ED (A) 1987.
Switched Mode Power Supplier. This unit provides two
15V rails at 1.5A, using a Volgen PSU type ESK50 via an
11-way ERNI connector. Power requirements 240Vac.
CH1/64A. RD 1987.
Voltage Regulator reduces -24V 0 +24V to -l2V 0 +l2V and
inter-connects a 23 way plug to hard wiring. It consists
of two I.C. voltage regulators with heat sinks, mounted on
a printed circuit board which fits the chassis bars via
adaptors. Pins are provided for hard wiring. It is
intended for use only where an AM6/17 is fitted in a CALREC
chassis. -24V and +24V in at l50mA. Printed circuit board
ll5mm x 45mm. DD 1977. DDMI 3.645(78).
Microphone Phantom Power Supplier. Jackfield mounting
printed circuit board to supply phantom power for up to 20
microphones from a stabilised 50V, negative earth supply.
Provision is made for the option of over-voltage
protection. PCB 432mm x 89mm. SCPD 1978.
Battery Maintained Regulator. A regulator that will
provide an output of +6V, OV, -6V at 800mA from an input of
+l2V, OV, -l2V, with -50V percent, from station battery,
the unit's internal batteries will maintain the output in
the event of input volts failure. Power requirements +l2V,
OV, -l2V (PS2/l63) -50V, OV (Station Battery). CHl/65A.
Parent equipment PS2M/255. DD 1980. DDHB 3.272(81).