RC050009 RC5/9
RC050010 RC5L/10
RC050011 RC5L/11
RC050503 RC5M/503
RD010001 RD1M/1
RD010002 RD1SM/2
consists of a PS2/228 and RC5/9.
50Hz mains. PN3A/53B. DD 1977.
Power requirements 240V
DDHB 5.13 8 (77 ) .
F.M. Band 11 Rebroadcast Receiver. Crystal controlled to
receive a single fixed channel in the range 88-l08MHz.
Maximum R.F. input is 100mV into 50Q with an output of IV
p-p multiplex into 75Q for 75kHz deviation. Power
requirements +18V, -5.2V. CH1/64B. For use in RC5L/8,
RC5L/10. DD 1977.
Band 11 Rebroadcast Link Receiver. The RC5L/lO is
electrically identical to the RC5L/8 with the addition of a
stereophonic decoder (CD3/23). The three sub-units plug
into a PN3A/53D, which houses the input and output
connectors. The principal outputs are audio left and right
channels which deliver +lOdBm balanced into 600Q for 68kHz
deviation. Power requirements 240V, 50Hz mains. PN3A/55D.
Sub units
This Rebroadcast Receiver is identical to the RC5L/10 with
the exception of the decoder unit, CD3/23 which is replaced
by a mono De-emphasis unit FL4/67.
Thus the receiver
output consists (A+B) at 10dBm balanced from a nominal 75Q
source. Power requirements 240V 50Hz. PN3A/53D. Sub
units FL4/67, PS2/228, RC5/9. DD 1978. DDHB 5.138(78).
UHF Television Re-Broadcast Receiver. UHF Television
Rebroadcast Receiver used for high quality rebroadcasting
and for remote monitoring of unattended transmitters. It
can be pre-set to any channel in Band IV or V. Power
requirements 240 V, SO Hz ac. 4 U, 19" panel. Supersedes
RC5M/501, 502.
Sub-units AM4/539, AM21/507, C02/558,
DM2/514, FL2/568, OS3/512. DD(5) 1985.
Modular Audio Recording Equipment. This equipment enables
up to la short speech messages or musical jingles to be
recorded digitally in Random Access Memory. Each message
is replayed continuously, with the option of inserting
audio from an external source (e.g. tone) between cycles.
Bandwidth is 3.25 or 6.5kHz and message lengths up to 33
seconds, depending on the types of stroe cards fitted.
Digital coding is 8-bit A-Law instantaneously companded.
Power requirements 240V mains. 4U BMM frame. Sub-units
PS4/10, PS2/187K, PSI/SO, C08/11, UN27/16A,B,C,
PA6/143A,B. DD 1982. DDMI 6.416(83). DDHB 6.244(83).
EDI 10454(1)SEP 83.
Speech and Tone Identification Recording Equipment. Used
in conjunction with a BBC microcomputer to record a speech
and tone sequence in EPROM for use with the GE1/19 Line
Identificaton Signal Generator. It accepts a zero
programme level signal and programs an EPROM with 8-bi t
A-law encoded data under user control. Will encode a
maximum of 4 seconds at one time. Power requirements
240 V ac SO Hz. 3U main frame, PN3/58. Sub-units PS2/302,
C08/16, UN27S/27. DD 1985.