RD030001 RD3M/l
RD030002 RD3M/2
RD030501 RD3/501
RD040007 RD4/7
RD040011 RD4/11
RD040012 RD4/12
RD040013 RD4/13
RD040014 RD4/14
Floppy Disk Data Store. This unit incorporates two Caldisk
203mm floppy disk drives and a D.C. power supplier in a 4U
483mm rack mounting assembly. No disk controller is
included, the data and control signals to the drives are
daisy-chained and brought to a rear connector. The power
supplier has a remote control facility whereby the mains
and +24V supply to the disk drives can be switched by logic
signals from a disk controller. Power requirements 240V
a.c. mains.
4U x 483mm bay mounting, modified PN3/54.
Sub-units PS2/269.
DDHB 2.473(82).
Floppy Disk Data Store. As RD3M/l but with two Caldisk
143M-l drives and with 50-way connector. Power require-
ments 240V AC 3A max. 19" Rack, 4U Depth (Max) 380mm. DD
Floppy Disc Drive Equipment. This unit contains 2 BASF
type 6108 5~" floppy disc drives mounted in a 2U high
chassis. It is self powered (using mains) but needs an
external disc controller for data input/output. Power
requirements 240V a.c. !10% at less than 50 watts. 2U high
19" mounting crate. Parent equipment C04/9. DD 1982.
'ELECTRALOG' VT Editing Data Storage Equipment. This
equipment is used with the VT Edit Control system, RD4/509
(ELECTRA) to store all the edit decision points in RAM and
then on floppy disc. It consists of a computer system with
associated twin floppy disc drive. There are two control
panels mounted next to the Edit Control System. Power
requirements 240V a.c. mains. Sub-units UN3/76, UN3/77,
EPIL/37, EPl/36. DD 1983. DDMI 7.530(85). HB 7.334(86).
Variable Audio Delay Magnetic Recorder. This replaces
commercial equipment not now available. Normally used in
conjunction with echo room or EMT reverberation plates.
The electronics consist of a relay amplifier, a recording
amplifier and a power supplier (PS2/l63). Its mechanical
construction is a gantry carrying 3 magnetic heads placed
above a Garrard 401 turntable, the turntable carrying a
stretched oxide coated membrane on which the heads rest.
It is free standing or bay mounted. Overall sizes 394mm
deep x 356mm high x 483mm wide. DD 1979.
Intrinsically Safe Magnetic Tape Recorder complying with
BS .1259: 1958 and approved by Health and Safety Executive
for use
coal mines.
Modified UHER 4000
associated equipment. Replacement for RD4/6. Radio
Services 1977.
Tape Recorder Modified Scully 270 tape recorder to operate
at 100ins/sec. Power requirements 117V 3A. Scully 270
tape recorder in Dexion frame 7llmm x 533mm x 457mm.
Parent equipment EP1/17. DD 1977. DDMI 7.446(80).
Recoded C05/9.
Recoded C05/8.