RD040015 RD4/15
RD040016 RD4/16
RD040017 RD4/17
RD040018 RD4/18
RD040019 RD4/19
RD040020 RD4/20
RD040021 RD4S/21
Timecode Recording Amplifier. The amplifier includes all
the circuitry to record and replay a timecode waveform on
an additional track on a Studer B62 tape recorder. Power
requirements +12V and -12V from the machine. Special
printed circuit card to fit into Studer B62. DD 1978.
DDMI 7.450(80).
Wideband Timecode Head Amplifier. Amplifies and equalises
timecode signals from a tape recording head. Designed to
plug into a Studer A80 recorder in the control rack. Power
requirements +24V. Special unsupported card approximately
100mm x 1l0mm to fit Studer A80. Equipment superseded
AM16/12. DD 1978.
Tape Machine Fader Unit. Folded box copstruction with top
panel designed to occupy the blank space in the standard
wide Telefunken M15A tape machine trolley providing stereo
replay fader, comprehensive head phone monitoring and
transport control switching for local/remote start
facilities. D.C. power is obtained from the parent
mac hi ne. TS(R) 1978.
Tape Machine Fader Unit.
manufactured by Studer for
machines in wide trollies.
from parent unit. Technical
Similar to RD4/17, but
use with Studer A80 RC tape
Power requirements DC Power
Services (Radio) 1981.
B62 Time Code modified tape recorder. The equipment is a
Studer B62 twin-track audio recorder modified to provide
centre-track time code facilities. Power requirements 240V
mains. Sub-unit RD4/15. DD 1980. DDHB 7.277(80) Iss. 2.
A80 Centre-track Time Code Recorder. This equipment is a
Studio A80 .25" twin-track audio tape recorder suitably
modified to incorporate a Time Code Rec/Rep/ Erase head and
drive electronics (AM15/11) to provide a Centre-track EBU
Time Code recording and reproducing facility.
requirements Mains 240v. Sub-unit AM1S/11. DD 1981. DDHB
7.291(81) Issue 2.
B67 Centre-track Time Code Recorder. This equipment is a
Studer B67 .2S" twin-track audio tape recorder modified to
provide a centre-track EBU Time Code recording and
reproducing facility. Power requirements Mains 240V. Sub-
unit AM1S/12. DD 1981. DDHB 7.297(82).
'FASOR' Recording Equipment. This 2U bay width panel
houses the main electronics of the FASOR FILM AUDIO
SYNCHRONISER. Power requirements mains 240 V. Panel based
on PN3/S5 with horizontally mounted 4U PCBs. Parent
equipment EPSS/27. Sub-units PS2!194A, COS/S07, UN26/46,
CD3/39. DD 1984. DDMI 7.526(85).
'MAXIM' Recording Equipment. This 2 U, full width crate
houses the main electronics of the MAXIM Synchroniser,
RD4L/511. It is based on, and developed from, the RD4S/21
'FASOR' recording Equipment. Power requirements mains,
240 V NOM. Based on PN3/S5, with horizontal 4 U cards.
Parent equipment RD4L/Sll. Sub-units PS2/194A, COS/S07,
UN26/46, CD3/39. Equipment Department 1985.