RP030510 RP3/510
RP030511 RP3/511
RP030512 RP3L/512
RP030513 RP3/513
RP030514 RP3/514
RP030515 RP3/515
RP030516 RP3/516
adjustment of a batch of splicers to the accuracy required.
DD 1980. DDMI 7.452(80).
Autotarif Monitor. Provides control signals, with manual
trim, for TARIF TWO (EP6L/509) to automatically optimise
gain and lift correction. The uncorrected signals (RGB)
are monitored. Functions are auto gain, auto lift and
colour balance at black or manual only. Power requirements
RP3L/503*, RP3L/504*, RP3/506*. Parent equipment EP6L/509.
DD 1981. DDMI 7.490(82).
Shot Change Detector. Detects changes in picture content
from a te1ecine and after a lOOmS processing delay
indicates this by a board mounted LED and TTL output
signal. Provision is included to disregard picture
movement. Similar in action to RP3/502 Shot Change
Detector but can only be used with sequential scan flying
spot te1ecine machines. Power requirements !12V and 5V
supplied by 'Digiscan' te1ecine. Rank-Cinte1 ISEP. DD
1981. DDHB 7.309(83). DDMI 7.511(83). EDI 10471(1)MAY83.
Auto Tarif. Generates Tarif 2 control vo1tages to
automatically compensate for poor quality film running on a
Te1ecine machine. Comprises RP3/510, power supply and back
panel. Power requirements 250v AC 50Hz. Sub-unit RP3/510.
DD 1981. DDHB 7.295(82). EDI 10455 (1) MAR 82. DDMI
Tarif Remote Control Unit. The equipment comprises an
Inte1 microcomputer system with ana1ogue-to-digita1 and
digita1-to-ana1ogue, converters fitted as supplied. Two
units may be used as a means of transmitting up to eight
analogue vo1tages in the range +5V to -5V and various
digital signals for the remote control of Tarif equipment.
Power requirements mains 240V AC. Sub-units C04/514. DD
1982. DDHB 2.471(82). EDI 10467(1)NOV 83.
CINETRACE Equipment. A computer-based date preparation and
replay system controlling a pair of modified Rank-Cinte1
Mk.lllc Digiscan te1ecine for the action area transmission
of wide screen films. Chassis code various. Sub-units to
be decided. DD 1982.
CINETRACE Data Preparation Equipment. Comprises an
intelligent control panel (PA6/153) and a floppy disc drive
equipped S100 comuter system with associated Steenbeck film
edit bench (video modified). Action Area decisions for
cinemascope films are displayed as a bright line box
generated by an S100 graphics card, superimposed over the
letter box picture from the film bench. Power requirements
250 VAC, Filtered. Sub-units PA6/153. DD 1983.
Jumpscan Shot Change Detector. Detects changes in picture
content from a te1ecine and, after a 115 ms processing
delay, indicates this by a board-mounted L.E.D and TTL
output signal. Provision is included to disregard picture
movement. This unit is a modified version of the RP3/511
Shot Change Detector (designed for use with the Rank-Cinte1
'Digiscan' te1ecine) and is similar in action. Pulse
widths and timing are adjusted to suit the requirements of
requirements !12 V and 5 V supplied by the 'Jumpscan'
te1ecine. Rank-Cinte1 I.S.E.P. DD 1984.