SE010008 SE1/8
SE010010 SE1/10
SE010012 SE1/12
SE010013 SEl/13
SE010S02 SE1/S02
SE010S03 SE1P/S03
SE02000l SE2/l
SE020002 SE2/2
Modem Switching Equipment. For use with Gandalf modem, for
changing over lines and modem units, changes over digital
and audio signals. Power requirements 24V DC derived from
Gandalf units.
Parent equipment PA1M/126.
Remote Indicator Switching Equipment. This unit provides
20 sets of relay contacts under the control of a single TTL
input. It is intended for controlling indicator lamps on
remote studio desks to show the state of the GE1SM/20
Stereo Tone Sequence Generator. Power requirements +S V at
2S0 mA. 3U unsupported card. Parent equipment GE1SM/20.
DD 1984.
Transmitter Inhibit Switch. This unit is used to inhibit
tranmitters, when diesel alternators are being operated
under local or automatic tests. In particular, it
interfaces with a GEC-GEM80 control system. It is used
with an MN1/33 Audio Alarm and Monitor. Power
requirements 2 off SOVdc. CH1/64B. Parent equipment
EP1L/63. Chassis extender CH1A/43. TCPD 1987.
DF System Switch. Used in a DF system, it enables the
change-over of Audio/RF and power at transmitters. Power
requirements SOVdc. CH1/64C. Chassis extender CH1A/ 43.
TCPD 1987.
Relay Diversity Switch. The unit is fed with the vision
and sound outputs from two receivers and automatically
selects the better vision signal. Designed for use at
relay transmitter sites where propagation abnormalities
require diversity reception. Power requirements 240V.
PN3/S4 with hinged rear panel. Sub-units EQS/S42, PS2/239,
UN1/723A, UN23/662, SE3/S04, SE2/7 and AMl/6ll. DD 1978.
DDHB 9.162 (79) .
Syncs-programme Switch. This unit consists of two l2V
changeover relays mounted on a printed board inside a type
6908 Eddystone box. Power requirements +12V d.c. Eddystone
box type 6908. Parent equipment GE8M/l. DD 1979.
O.B. Diversity Switch. The unit has similar facilities to
the SE1M/SOl but has interface and power supplies arranged
for use on Television O.B. 'so Power requirements 240V
mains of 36V d.c. PN3/54 frame housed in Camper-Nicho1son
transit case. Sub-units AT3/5l2, UN1/723B, EQ5/5S7,
SE2/7A, UN23/662A and SE3/504A. DD 1980.
Switch Unit. 24 way latch unit for use on CMCR telephone
system. 3U high ISEP. SCPD 1977.
12 way Latch Card. This card functions as a 12 way 2 pole
interlocking switch for use with audio or d.c. The card
contains latches, lamp drivers, and relay matrix and
requires a one make push button for operation. The same
wire is used for the select button and to drive an
indicator lamp. The reset of the cards can be linked to
provide mu1tiway switching. Power requirements 0 - +24V.
ISEP 3U chassis ll2mm high. SCPD 1978.