5E020004 SE2/4
SE020005 SE2/5
SE020006 SE2/6
SE020007 SE2/7
SE020008 SE2/8
SE020009 SE2/9
SE020010 SE2/10
SE020011 SE2/11
Stereo O.S., P.R., Switching Matrix giving 4 stereo (or
mono) outputs from 11 stereo (or mono) o. S., music line
inputs. Consists of 8 printed circuit boards of 3 types.
Power requirements +12.5V, 0, -12.5V, +6V, 0, -6V. CH1/76.
Parent equipment DK2/24. SCPD 1978.
Cubicle Monitoring Switching Matrix. Electronic change-
over switch with two stereo inputs and one buffered stereo
output. CMOS logic drive. First used in PA6/82 module
(Radio Continuity Control Desk, Monitoring Panel). Power
requirements +12.5V - 0 - -12 .5V, +6.0V - -6 .OV. CH1/77
(printed board is BMM 3U short). Parent equipment PA6/82
(module in desk DK2/24). SCPD 1980.
Studio Monitoring Switching Matrix.
over switches. Each switch similar
in DK4/31 (Radio Continuity Studio
requirements +12.5V - 0 - -12.5V;
CH1/76 (printed circuit board is BMM
Two electronic change-
to SE2/5. First used
Control Desk). Power
+6 .OV - 0 - -6. OV .
4U long). SCPD 1980.
Audio Matrix. The unit accepts two sound feeds from two
television rebroadcast receivers and switches the signals
in accordance with vision selection. Power requirements
+12V, -12V. CH1!64A. Parent equipment SE1M/5 01. DD
Audio Matrix. As SE2/7 but with input
fitted on front panel. Some code pins
requirements +12V, -12V. CH1/64A.
SE1P/503. DD 1980.
and output jacks
as SE2/7. Power
Parent equipment
AF Switch.
inputs and
-12V; +6V,
Electronic selection switch with six stereo
one stereo output. Power requirements +12V, 0,
0, -6v. BMM 3U printed circuit board. Parent
EP10/18. DD 1978. DDMI 3.681(81). DDHB
AF Switch. Special purpose switching and buffer amplifier
card, provides facilities required for the PA6/85 group
module in Regional Continuity desk. Power requirements
+12.5V, 0, -12.5V; +6V, 0, -6v. 3U BMM printed circuit
board. parent equipment PA6/85. DD 1978. DDMI 3.692(81).
DDHB 3.253(81).
Audio Switch Unit. 24 input 1 output Audio Switch Unit.
Used to drive telephone handset, earpiece has remote gain
control. Uses CMOS bilateral switches. CMCR telephone
system. Power requirements 12V 6V. 3U ISEP card. SCPD
A.F. Switch. Electronic selection switch with six stereo
inputs and one stereo output. Capable of being connected
by external straps to two selector switches each with 3
stereo inputs and one stereo output. Power requirements
!12V, 0, -12V; +6V, 0, -6V. BMM 4U printed circuit board.
Parent equipment EP10/18. DD 1979. DDMI 3.693(81). DDHB
AF Switch. Unsupported 4U BMM card mounting a 6-1 stereo
switch. The switch has a overall loss of -9dB. Similar to
SE2/11 but with increased loss. Power requirements !12.5
volts. 4U BMM card. Parent equipment EP5M/16. DD 1981.