SE020012 SE2/12
SE020013 SE2/13
SE020014 SE2/14
SE020015 SE2/15
SE020016 SE2/16
SE020017 SE2M/17
SE020018 SE2/18
SE020019 SE2/19
SE020020 SE2/20
Timecode Switching Unit. Accepts 16 balanced timecode
inputs and switches the output to one of these. 4 bit
binary control input. Power requirements :t12V d. c. 4U
unsupported card. DD 1979.
Echo Selector Switch. Printed circuit board containing
interface circuits for the echo selector switch in Radio
continuities. Power requirements +12V, 0, -12V; +6V, -6V.
3U unsupported card. Parent equipment PA6/85. DD 1979.
DDMI 3.694(81). DDHB 3.253(81).
Stereo Changeover Switch. This unit is a remotely
controlled stereo programme cubicle changeover switch.
First used in the Radio Continuity Cubicle Control Desk to
provide switching between mixer output and direct inputs.
Lamps on the front panel indicate the 'state' of the
Parent equipment DK2/24. DD 1979. DDMI3.672(80). DDTM
3.238(80). DDHB 3.238(80).
Audio Stereo-Mono Switch Unit. Double 1 into 2 Audio Logic
swi tching for tape/ gram channels. Sub-assembly used on
AMI/58. Power requirements +12.5V, 0, -12.5 V programme
supply +6V, 0, -6V Logic. Parent equipment AMI/58. DD
1979. DDHB 3.242(80). DDMI 3.675(80).
Audio Switch. Printed circuit board containing electronic
switching for echo fine-hear, lamp drive circuit and other
miscellaneous functions. Power requirements +12V, 0, -12V;
Parent equipment PA6/85.
DD 1980.
3.696(81). DDHB 3.253(81).
Mixer/Direct Switching Equipment. Provides switching from
mixer output to direct input. Line drive amplifiers
incorporated. Consists of PN3/55 containing 4 x AM7/11 and
2 x SE2/14 with 1 PS2/163. Power requirements 240V a.c.
- 50V d.c. PN3/55. Parent equipment DK2/24. DD 1980.
DDMI 3.677(80). DDHB 3.245(80).
As SE2/13 but printed
Power requirements 24V
SCPD 1980.
circuit board
d . c . (UNREG) .
now l78mm x 78mm.
Supersedes SE2/3.
Divert Switching Unit. One card containing two identical
relay circuits mounted on a PN1/29J chassis. Four such
units are employed in a particular system for the purpose
of diverting certain of the normal signal paths of a 32
channel audio mixing console to provide 8-track record/mix-
down facilities. Power requirements 24V DC. PN1/29J, 4U.
Communications and Engineering Services 1980.
Monitoring Switching Unit. One card containing two
identical relay switching circuits of 3 x 1 configuration
mounted in a PN1/29J chassis for the purpose of monitoring
audio signals. Four such units, which are used together
with the equivalent number of LOGIC SWITCHING UNITS
(SE2/21), form part of the record/ mix-down facility in an