SE020021 SE2/21
SE020022 SE2/22
SE020023 SE2/23
SE020024 SE2/24
SE020026 SE2/26
SE020027 SE2/27
SE020028 SE2/28
SE020029 SE2/29
8-track installation. Power requirements 24V DC. PNl/29J,
4U. Communications and Engineering Services 1980.
Logic Switching Unit. One card containing two identical
circuits employing TTL logic and designed to operate in
conjunction with a MONITORING SWITCHING UNIT (SE2/20)
provides two channels of switching in the audio monitoring
selection facility of an 8-track record/ mix system. Power
requirements 24V DC and 5V DC. PN1/29J,4U.
Communications and Engineering Services 1980.
Audio Frequency Switching Unit. AF Switch. Electronic
selection switch with 2 channels each consisting of two
independently switchable inputs to one output. Development
of AM5/28. Power requirements at 250mA +12.5v; OV; -12.5v.
3U Printed Circuit Board. Parent equipment PA6/80. DDMI
3.265(81). DD 1981.
Audio Switch. An unsupported 4U card mounting
stereo switches. To switch Outside Source inputs
Feed Network on London Continuity EP10/19.
requirements t6 volts, t12.5 volts. 4U BMM.
equipment EP5M/18.
DD 1981.
5 audio
to Clean
Line Change over Switch. The unit switches line 'A' or 'B'
to output as determined by PSI/51 or by internal logic and
operation the unit
requires a SE2/25 slave unit to switch other line. Uni t
condition is reported to PSI/51 master unit for use with
PCM stereo transmitter input equipment. Power requirements
24V. CH1/64J. Parent equipment PSI/51, SE2/25. TCPD
Switching Unit. Receives 2 tone audio and detects their
presence or absence. A timer measures the length of the
tone burst and operates relays for a time proportional to
the tone burst time. Links are provided to vary the time.
Power requirements +12V +5V -5V. 4U unsupported PCB with
PN1/29J front panel assembly. DD 1982.
Switching Unit. This unit contains the circuitry for the
Audio inputs and the Mono A, Mono B and Phase Reversal
unsupported. Parent equipment UN26/51. DD 1982.
Audio Switching Matrix. First developed for outside
Broadcast communications in television. The unit contains
two separate matrices each having eight inputs and four
outputs. The inputs are for use with virtual earth
amplifiers enabling cross point switching and mixing to
take place without level loss. The switches are CMOS
devices which are arranged in an unbalanced format. Power
requirements t16V 12mA. 100 x 220mm Eurocard. Mounted on
0.6" width front panel for 3U high racking. With 96 way
Eurocard connector. Supersedes MA2/2. SCPD 1983.
10 x 2 Sound Programme Matrix.
inputs and two balanced outputs.
Uni t has ten balanced
CMOS switches are used to