SE030509 SE3/509
SE030510 SE3/510
SE030511 SE3/511
SE030514 SE3/514
SE030515 SE3/S1S
SE030S16 SE3/S16
SE040001 SE4/1
SE040002 SE4/2A&B
Power requirements t1SV.
GE4M/569. DD 1980.
Parent equipment
Decoder and Bypass Switching Unit. Relay unit with two
sets of three video inputs (Y, U, V) either set of which
may be switched to the output while the other inputs are
terminated with 75Q. Also a system input and bypass input
may be switched to the fourth output. The control signals
are +12v for relay energised, OV unenergised. Power
requirements +12v at 200mA. 4U unsupported J Width
(PN1/29J). Parent equipment C06/S11. DD 1981.
Video Relay Switching Unit. A 4U x ' A' width chassis
housing five sets of relay pairs. Each pair of relays has
two video input Musa ports, and will select either to one
output port. Each of t~e relay pairs can be actuated
separately via separate DC control skts. Power
requirements 24v lA max. CH1/64A. TSTU 1981.
Split Screen Switch. Two channel video switch with
essentially linear transfer characteristic. Can be
controlled by either 0.7 V key signals or faders. These
controls can either drive both switch elements (wipe or
cross fade mode) or be split for mix mode on high quality
CSO applications. Power requirements +12 V, 3S0 mA, -12 V,
200 mA. H2 V. CH1/64J. Supersedes SE3/S06. DD 1982.
EDI 10484(1)MAY 84.
YRGB Switching Amplifier. Switches YRGB sequentially and
inserts peak white reference in the vertical interval.
Input: 1 V standard level. Push-Pull output, 10 mA peak-
to-peak, equivalent to 700 mV. Power requirements +12 V,
+S V, -12 V. BBC chassis: 2 U Unsupported Card. Parent
equipment MN6M/S13. DD 1984. MI V1009(86).
Vertical Interval Timecode Switch. This 8x8 matrix
switcher connects the timecode output from anyone VTR
machine to any number of the other machines controlled by
the Vantage Edit Control System, PA1M/S89. D&ED 1987.
Monitoring Switch. This unit accepts the input and output
video, and up to eight input and output audio feeds, from a
VTR and slaved ATR being controlled by the VANTAGE Editing
System. It switches either the input or output signals to
the monitoring system, under control of the microcomputer
which forms part of the VANTAGE VTR Interface. Power
requirements t12V, +SV.
6U Eurocard.
Parent equipment
PA1M/S88. D&ED (C) 1987.
R.F. Switch. Two separate changeover switches made with
PIN diodes and controlled by a d.c. current. Designed to
switch band 11 receiving aerial feeds. Part of Receiver
Tuning Unit SES/3. Power requirements Nil. Diecast box
64mm x 114mm x 32mm. DD 1978.
Drive Change over Unit used for VHF sound broadcasting.
Splits output from a drive unit 'A' equally between two
amplifiers or aerials whilst drive unit 'B' is fed into a
dummy load, or alternatively interchanges the functions of