PA060132 PA6/132
PA060133 PA6/133
PA06013S PA6/13S
PA060136 PA6/136
PA060137 PA6/137
PA060138 PA6/138
PA060139 PA6/139
PA060140 PA6/140
PA0601S3 PA6/1S3
Links Control Panel. Provides push-button button control
of various functions in a remotely-operated masthead
control system. These and other system features are
monitored by displays on the panel. Power requirements
240V AC. PN3/S4 (Modified). Sub-units to be allocated.
DD 1981.
Announcer Fader and Clock Panel. Part of London Radio
Continuity Studio Equipment contains Announcer fader and
VCA drive PCB together with pulse seconds clock, digital
stop watch and Rehearsal Transmission push buttons. Power
requirements +12.SV 0 - -12.SV and +12V. CH1/83. Parent
equipment DK4/39. SCPD 1981.
Editrace Control Panel. Control Panel for the Editrace
Control System. The panel contains all the operational
controls for the Editrace system. Power requirements +Sv,
+12 volts from RD4L/S10. Panel approx 260 x 210. DD 1981.
DDMI 7.497(82).
OS Level and Monitoring Panel. Similar to PA6/106, but
monitoring facilities extended to cater for 10 outside
sources, 8 tape machines 2 auxiliary sources, 2 Bus bars,
Desk output and tone. Gain controls of !6dB are provided
for 6 of the outside sources. To be used in conjunction
with PA6/137 first used in Bush House special Events Studio
AMS/19. SCPD/ SSRU 1981.
OS Level Control Panel. Similar to PA6/106, but without
PPM monitoring. Used in conjunction with PA6/136.
Provides gain adjustment of !6dB for remaining 4 outside
sources, plus 2 auxiliary sources. Power requirements
+12V, OV, -12V. Sub-unit AMS/19. SCPD/SSRU 1981.
Tape Control Panel. Similar to PA6/10S, but can select one
of 18 recording sources to a tape machine. Uses a double
digit dot matrix LED display to indicate selected source.
Each panel handles
tape machines.
To be used with
PA6/136 and PA6/137. Power requirements +Sv, OV.
Key and Lamp Desk Panel. Similar to PA8/372, but contains
additional key for channel pre-hear. The other key is used
for remote signalling to an outside source. First used in
Bush House Special Events Studio (S36). SCPD/SSRU 1981.
Snchroniser Control Panel. Used with Timecode Tape Machine
Synchroniser RD4L/S11. Contains all the buttons,
indicators etc. to control the synchroniser. Serial
interface with RD4L/S11. Power requirements Power from
+12 V.
dimension approx.
200 x 2S0 mm. Supersedes PA6/S42. Parent equipment
RD4L/S11. DD 1982. DDMI 7.S20(84). EDI 10498(1)AUG 84.
CINETRACE Data Preparation Control Panel. This panel is
powered with raw S100 supplies from the host CINETRACE
computer. Control settings on the panel and film position
information is sent to the host computer via an RS232 link.