SE4/2 C & D
SE040003 SE4/3
SEOS0001 SES/1
SEOS0002 SES/2
SEOS0004 SES/4
drives 'A' and 'B'. CH1/64A. Equipment superseded
TCPD 1978.
Drive Changeover Unit. Units will be identical to SE4/2A
and 2B with the exception of the drive changeover relays
which will be 12V relays, series connected giving 24V
independent control facilities. Will enable either unit to
be remoted from parent SE4L/3 without the disablement of
the remaining unit. No power required. CH1/64A. Parent
equipment SE4L/3. ED 1980.
VHF Drive Changeover. Comprises one SE4/2A and one SE4/2B
which forms a complete VHF drive changeover system. The
SE4 units are mounted together onto a PN3A/SOB termination
panel fixed to a PN3A/S3B termination box which carries a
20 way Varicon socket. Power requirements SOV, 24V or l2V
d.c. 2U wide, 4U high for use in PN3/ S4 panels. Sub-units
SE4/2A, SE4/2B, PN3A/SOB and PN3A/S3B. TCPD 1978.
Unit distributes caption and caption box defining signals
to, and accepts, television line and field trigger units
two EP1M/S49
insertion units.
Part of
Apology Caption Generator. Power Requirements SV d.c.
CH1/64J. Parent equipment GE8M/1. DD 1978.
Address Selector. Selects
lower displays of Monitoring
Power requirements +SV d. c.
UN12M/S. DD 1978.
store address for upper and
and Information Centre VDU's.
CH1/64J. Parent equipment
Receiver Tuning Unit. Tunes a Revox Band 11 VHF Receiver
and switches aerial feeds as necessary, by control signals
from the Receiver Tuning Drive Unit. Power requirements
+9V d.c., -lSV d.c. 1U rack as TMl/2. Sub units SE4/1.
DD 1978.
Address Selector Unit. Stores address switching unit for
use in Monitoring and Information Centre remote VDU. Power
requirements SV d.c. CH1/64J. Parent equipment UN12M/6.
DD 1978.
Switching System Terminal. Primarily intended for the
remote operation of a switching matrix. Receives
instructions from a control position in the form of
crosspoint connections and generates an output signal
containing serial binary data, usually in the form of FSK
tones. It receives similar signals from an incoming
circuit and converts these to outputs usually in the form
of relay connections, to operate acknowledgement circuits
related in some say to the original crosspoint
instructions. Power requirements !9V d.c. unregulated.
PN3/23. Sub units CD3/11, DM3/8, FL2/1S, MD3/12, PS2/189,
SC1/2, SC1/4, SC1/S, UN1A/S, UN12/2, UN23/38, UN23/39 and
UN23/40. Supersedes EP1SM/6. DD 1978. DDHB 2.438(78).
Switching System Terminal. Primarily intended to operate a
switching matrix from a line signal. A line signal usually
in the form of FSK tones containing serial binary data is
decoded to provide relay connections to operate the matrix.
Crosspoint connections into the equipment from the matrix