TE010025 TE1/25
TE01003l TE1P/3l
TE010032 TE1/32
TE010033 TE1/33
TE010034 TE1/34
TE010035 TE1/35
TE010036 TE1/36
TE010037 TE1/37
Peak Programme Meter Tester, designed as an aid to
checking scale alignment, frequency response time, and
reverse polarity test. Portable carrying case. DD 1975.
DDMI 3.633. DDTM 3.153. DDHB 3.186(76). EDI
Audio Termination Tester. To enable measurements of
impedance and balance to be made on all types of audio
termination used in conjunction with conventional audio
test equipment. Portable carrying case 197mm x 197mm x
102mm. Supersedes TE1/29. DD 1977.
UHF Talkback Pocket Set (EP8/6) Test Box. The unit
consists of an Eddystone box fitted with meter, switches
and jacks. It has a wired pigtail terminated in a Fischer
connector that can be plugged into an EP8/6 pocket set. It
provides facilities to assess the pocket set battery
voltage and condition, and the EP8/6 can be switched Off/On
and from receive to transmit. Two jacks allow connection
of a test microphone and test earphones or alternatively
injection of a test signal from a tone source and
measurement of received signal levels on an ATM. A fixed
Fischer socket enables the normal headset to be connected
to the EP8/6 via the test box to facilitate fault diagnosis
when either EP8/6 or headset may be suspect. Power
requirements operate from 9V PP3 battery in EP8/6.
Eddystone box 86mm x 60mm x 27mm. ED 1977.
Test Jig for testing Data and Event Recorder RD5/50l.
l78mm x l14mm x slmm Eddystone Box Type 6827p. DD 1977.
A.C.E. Test Unit. Assembles control signals to test
Apology Caption Equipment before or after 1. C.E. system.
Also assembles signals suitable for controlling the Apology
Caption control unit. Used in Monitoring and Information
Centres. Power requirements SV d.c. Eddystone box l27mm x
203mm x 76mm. DD 1978.
Test Unit to read from, and write to, any location in the
Information Centre
store PA1M/10l.
requirements 5V d.c. CH1/64A. Parent equipment PAlM/SOl.
DD 1978.
UHF Talkback Power Test Meter incorporating two 50 input
parts type 'N', connected, via peak detectors, to a common
meter scaled 0-30mW and 0-3W. The meter is used to check
the power output of the EP8/6 pocket talkback transmitter
and its associated base transmitter TM2/3. Power
requirements None. Eddystone box lllmm x 60mm x 27mm. ED
Natlock Test Frame. Provides interface connections between
MNs/503 and MN3/501A and UN26/5l5A via interc onnecting
cables between one TE1/5l4 frame; a second interconnecting
cable link to a NATLOCK control panel UN23/654 as used in
O.B. van. The engineering control panel facilities are now
part of this apparatus TE1/37. DD 1979.