TE010048 TEl/ 48
TE010049 TEl/49
TE010050 TEl/50
TE010052 TEl/52
TE010053 TEl/53
TE010055 TEl/55
TE010056 TE1S/56
TE010059 TE1P/59
TE010060 TEl/60
Input/Output Impedance Balance Tester. Used in conjunction
with a tone generator and its high impedance voltmeter,
input and output stages of amplifiers can be tested for
common mode and input impedance balance to differential
mode signals. Diecast box 187.7 x 119.5 x 77.8. DD 1983.
RFI Tester. Used in conjunction
and an audio voltemter, tests
determine rejection of RF signals
frequency range 100kHz to 30MHz.
52. DD 1983.
with an AIM RF generator
can be carried out to
by audio equipment in the
Diecase box 187 x 119 x
Interleaver Tester. To allow the semi-automatic testing of
a c04/14 Data Interleaver and SE5/12 Data Switching Unit.
Test programs are stored within the test jig to enable the
microprocessor in the c04/14 to effect the testing
functions. Power requirements 240V AC. Eddystone diecast
box 190 x 120 x 70mm overall. DD 1983.
Logic Function Tester. Designed to test logic functions of
UN23/160 and UN10157. Power requirements :tl5V d.c. 20mA.
Contained in Die Cast Box with two 96 way Euroconnector
H55mm W147mm L225mm. SCPD 1984.
Control and Programme Matrix Tester. Designed to test
control and programme matrix functions of SE2/29 Sound
Programme Matrix together with the UN23/691 Interlocking
Latch Unit. Power requirements ~15V d.c. 20mA. Contained
in Die Cast Box with 96 Way Euroconnectors H55mm W147mm
L225mm. DD 1984.
Loudspeaker Tester. A 12-bit ADC for use in conjunction
with Bruel & Kjaer test equipment and a BBC micro. Accepts
both control and signal voltages from the Bruel & Kjaer
chart recorder and converts them under software control to
2 bytes per conversion of 8-bit data. The circuit includes
some analogue signal buffering and processing. Power
~18 V.
3 U BMM unsupported
extender CH4/10. DD(3) 1985.
Interface Tester. Microprocessor controlled system for
testing sub-unit cards required by the Synthesizer
Interface and the Sender Interface units prior to
installation. Power requirements 220/240 Vac. PN3/54.
DD(2) 1985.
Auditor Calibrator and Tester. A stand-alone, portable
piece of equipment to provide a calibration tone for the
Auditor equipment and a facility for testing the operation
of the Auditor equipment by momentarily attenuating the
audio input to it. Power requirements +9 V, -9 V, (2PP9
Batteries). Chassis: 200 x 160 x 100. DD(7) 1986.
Tester, Data Distribution Amplifier. Supplies a test
waveform to the AM24/5 Data Distribution Amplifier at
typical Tristran output levels and check that the data is
correctly amplified and returned. A simple Go/No Go
indication indicates correct equipment operation. Power