TE010061 TE1/61
TE010062 TE1/62
TE010063 TE1/63
TE010523 TE1/523A
TE010558 TE1/558
TE010559 TE1/559
TE010562 TE1/562
TE010563 TE1/563
TE010564 TE1/564
requirements: battery. Chassis: Eddystone box 187 x 119 x
52 (0027437). Parent equipment: EP1S/42. D ED (C) 1986.
RS 422 Transceiver Tester. Supplies worst-case RS422
waveforms to check the performance of receiver units and to
check that transmitters will satisfy worst case receiver
requirements. Power requirements: 24 V from device under
test. Chassis: Eddystone box 187 x 119 x 77
(No. 0250274). Parent equipment: EP1S/42. D & ED (C)
TV Demodulator Tester. Test box to facilitate the testing
of the individual units of the DM1M/506 TV Transmitter
Demodulator. D&ED (RF) 1987.
Transmitter Demodulator Tester. This unit facilitates the
testing of a DM1M/506 Transmitter Demodulator; it is
similar to a TE1/62, which is used for testing the sub-
units. D&ED (RF) 1987.
Studio Mixer Group Card Tester. Version of TE1/523 to
permit testing MX1/515A. See DDCF 12558 for details. DD
Tester for loan to manufacturers of UN9/597 Matrix Shunt
Switch Module to standardise testing procedure. Diecast
box. DD 1975.
TARlF TWO Line-up Tester.
voltages for line-up of TARlF
TARlF TWO Diecast box l88mm x
7.418(79) .
Produces reference control
TWO (EP6L/509). Powered from
l20mm x 5lmm. DD 1977. DDMl
Video Amplifier Tester. To test AM4/530 Video Distribution
Amplifiers as called up in the test specification.
Constructed in an Eddystone box. Contains meter, switches
and appropriate connectors to mate with amplifier under
test. Outputs to feed oscilloscope. Power requirements
240V a.c. ED 1977.
Tarif Two Test Control Panel. Provides control voltage for
tarif two (EP6L/509) for use in initial tests at Equipment
Deparment. Power requiqrements +12V, -12V (from EP6L/509).
Diecast metal box 273mm x 171mm x 51mm approximately. DD
Gen10ck Control Tester. To assist in testing and
maintenance of UN3/574. The unit enables:
1. lIps and ~/ps of UN3/574 to be monitored.
2. UN3/574 to be switched to genlock or natlock mode.
3. The output control signals of the UN3/574 to be
switched out of the control loop. A logic '0' or '1'
can be switched onto any control path.
The -6 V for the unit is supplied from the UN3/574 it is
testing. Power requirements -6 V dc approx. 75 mA max.
187.7 x 119.5 x 52.4 mm diecast box connected by cables to
G06 32-way plug and socket. Parent equipment UN3/574. DD