TM040004 TM4M/4,4A
TM040005 TM4L/5
TM040006 TM4/6,6A
TM040007 TM4L/7,7A
TM040008 TM4M/8,8A
TM040009 TM4L/9
TM040S01 TM4/S01
Band 11 Stereo Receiver Drive Equipment. This unit
receives an off-air Band 11 stereo transmission,
demodulates to multiplex, then re-modulates to any pre-
determined Band 11 channel spaced more than 600kHz from the
input channe1.R.F. input required 300~V-100mV; output
SW-15W. The TM4M/4A version includes an FL2/17 output
harmonic filter. Power requirements 150VA. PN3/54. Sub-
units TM4/2, RC5L/8, RC3/15 and FL2/17 (option 'A'). DD
Band 11 Transmitter Drive. This equipment provides an 18W
frequency modulated output at a centre frequency between
75.5MHz and 104.5MHz. The input may be either a multiplex
signal or a monophonic signal. A changeover unit is
included to allow two of these units to be used together.
Power requirements 240V a.c. at 100VA. PN3/54H. Sub-units
AM14/31, TM4/6 and $E4/2. DD 1978. DDHB 5.153(80). EDI
10384(1)MAY80. DDMI 5.389(80).
Band 11 Transmitter Drive. Low power version of TM4/2 in
'A' width chassis. TM4/6 version (incorporating C02/24)
output power is in range 250mW-1W. TM4/6A version
(incorporating C02/24 option 1) output power is in range
1W-4W. Power requirements 12-15V at lA. CH1/64A. Sub-
units MD3/13A, C02/24 or C02/24 option 1. DD 1980. DDMI
Band 11 Transmitter Drive. A CH1/64A 13/5V power supplier
with:- TM4/6 Band II transmitter drive (lW) = TM4L/7 or
with TM4/6 Band II Transmitter drive (4W) = TM4L/7A. A
600Q balanced (earth free) monophonic input can be called
for as option A on either version. Power requirements 240
V.A.C. PN3A/53B. Sub-units PS2/272, TM4/6 or TM4/6A. DD
Band 11 Stereo Receiver-Drive Equipment. Functionally
similar to TM4M/4 but incorporating the lower-powered
drives in place of the TM4/2.
TM4M/8 contains TM4/6 drive to produce 0.25-1W output;
TM4M/8A contains TM4/6A, output 1-4w.
TM4M/8A contains TM4/6A, output 1-4W.
A TM4/2 can be retro-fitted if the output power is
subsequently changed.
Option 1 - Calls for an output harmonic filter FL2/7;
Option 2 - Calls for an input balancing transformer for
monophonic use.
Power requirements 240V a.c. 100Va maximum. PN3/54. Sub-
units TM4/6 or TM4/6A, RC5/9, PS2/230, PS2/272, RC3/15,
FL2/17 (option 1 only). DD 1980.
Band 11 Transmitter Drive Equipment. TM4/2A drive and
RC3/15 drive monitoring receiver with common termination
panel. Equipment similar to TM4L/1 plus RC3/15 and
PA20/12. Power requirements 190-260V a.c. at loOW.
PN3A/52E. Sub-units TM4/2A and RC3/15. DD 1980.
BBC/Pye lOW Transposer. Two lOW UHF transposers mounted in
an Imhof rack type RE 45U15 providing BBC-1 and BBC-2
services. Comprises LPT EP16M/502, Pye T.V.T. BLX 98 (6