UN010006 UN1A!6
UN010139 UN1/139
UN010163 UN1/163A-D
UN010173 UN1/173
UN010184 UN1/184
UN010185 UN1/185
UN010186 UN1/186
UNOI0187 UN1/187
UN010188 UN1/188
UN010189 UN1/189
Connector Unit for linking TM1M/1A, SC1/3 external wiring.
Printed circuit board, 114 mm x 25 mm, with Painton socket
and Green1ine edge connector. DD 1975. DDMI 2.412.
Automatic Crossfader Unit for remote cross fading
pairs of signals (e.g. stereo). Z in: 14kQ. Z out:
Gain: OdB. For zero volume operation. CH1/l8C. DD
DD Spec 3.541. DDTM 3.118. EDI 10139(1)JUN72.
of 2
Directional Receiving Aerial Unit. Pre-tuned broadcast
band directional receiving aerial with pre-amp to match
into 50Q cable. 'A' version medium wave; 'B' version long
wave; 'c' and 'D' versions intended for use with standard
frequency receivers, RC1/23 and RC3/13 in areas of high RF
field. 'c' version tuned to 60kHz (previously coded
RC1/24); 'D' version tuned to 200kHz. Power requirements
Free mounting
60mm diameter x 300mm plastic
tube. TNC socket at one end. DD 1978. DDMI5.288(74).
DDHB 5.113(76). EDI 10231(3)SEP79.
Telephone Balance Unit, to enable public telephone calls to
be included in programmes and incorporates AGC capable of
handling variations in PO line levels of 30dB. Mains or
+24V d.c. operation. SCPD 1975.
Telephone Balance Unit. As for
panel to SP23759.6.2A3 detail
anodised to specification ED138.
UN1/173 except for front
2, finished BBC double
SCPD 1977.
Tape Measuring Unit. Measures magnetic tape sensitivity
and detects dropout edge damage. 4U unsupported board with
PN1/29J front panel. DD 1977. DDMI 7.436(80).
Tape Measuring Unit. As UN1/184 but with tape sensitivity
acceptance window opened to 3dB. DD 1980.
Interface Unit. Forms interface
UN23/62 and Sculley tape transport.
with PN1/29J front panel. DD 1977.
between UN23/61 and
4U unsupported board
Input Store Unit.
characters and stores
part of instruction
Information Centres.
panel. DD 1977.
Accepts a series of ASCII 7 bit
them as a single 40 bit word. Forms
decoding system for Monitoring and
4U unsupported card with J size front
Switching Store Unit. Contains eight separate stores for
variable length BCD numbers, each with separate clean and
strobe inputs. Stores have common input data bus. Part of
source selection equipment for Monitoring and Information
Centres. 4U unsupported card with J size front panel.
DD 1977.
Combining Unit. Combines 1MHz frequency modulated IF
signals to single composite 1 volt signal into 75Q for
transmission over video circuit. Used in VHF stereo link
systems. CH1/12A. DD 1977.
Provides various functions in EP1M/2l,
Dispersion Simulator, high pass filter,
including a Line
attenuator, etc.