UN010728 UN1/728
UN010729 UN1/729
UN010730 UN1/730
UN020509 UN2/509
UN030052 UN3/52
UN030056 UN3/56
UN030057 UN3/57
UN030058 UN3/58
UN030059 UN3/59
Events Selector Unit. This unit compares two tones (BCD
Mins, Secs, Frames) and gives a coincidence pulse when the
two times are the same. The unit contains two comparator
chains each with an output in the form of a relay
make/break contact. 5U CDX double sided printed circuit
board. DD 1977.
Time Comparator Unit. Compares to times in hours, minutes,
seconds and frames in parallel BCD form. Output in
parallel BCD form with sign. Supersedes UN1/682. 4U BMM
unsupported card. DD 1977.
Combining Unit. Part of PA18M/529. Combines one, two or
three input caption video signals in non-addit ive mixer to
form single combined caption video signal. Includes
selection and lamp drive logic. 4U unsupported printed
circuit board. DD 1977.
Colour Calibration Unit, superseding and compatible with
UN2/503, UN2/503A. Incorpotates PS2/120B. CH1/12A. DD
1975. DDMI 9.187(83). DDHB 9.180(83).
Comprises UN2/509 in CS2/13. Supersedes UN2M/504. DD
1975. DDMI 9.187. DDHB 9.180(82).
voltage stabiliser, audio drive stage and automatic
frequency control stages for TE3M/7. Printed board
250mm x 145mm mounted within frame of TM3M/7. DD 1976.
DDMI 5.356 (78).
Automatic Phase Control Unit for use in radio link
transmitter TM3M/8A. Identical to UN3/52 but with
additional facility for switching control loop to operate
from two transmitter final frequencies. Power requirements
+12V d.c. CH1/64 printed board. DD 1978.
Phase Control Unit. Similar to UN3/52A, switching control
loop between two transmitter frequencies e.g. 427.8125MHz
and 446.5625MHz. Channel spacing in this unit is, however,
12 .4kHz.
Power requirements +12V d. c.
CH1/64A chassis.
Parent equipment TM3M/8B. DD 1983. DDMI 5.432(84).
Relay Latching Control Unit. Allows the use of non-
latching buttons to operate relays: sequential operation
or simultaneous operation if two or more buttons operated
simultaneously. Intended primarily for use with vision
relays. Printed circuit board l22mm x 38mm. SCPD 1977.
Data Exchange Control Unit. Part of
Information Centre processing equipment.
card with J size front panel. DD 1977.
Monitoring and
4U unsupported
Television Foreign Commentators OB Control Unit. Provides
microphone switching, monitoring and communication
facilities for two commentators. Works in conjunction with
DK4/29. Initial equipment to be produced by Gl en Sound
Services to BBC Outline Specification TV. 286. SCPD 1977.
OB Producers Control Unit. Works in conjunction with
UN3/58 (OB Commentators Control Unit) and provide
monitoring and telephone facilities for a producer working