UN030061 UN3/61
UN030062 UN3/62
UN030063 UN3/63
UN030064 UN3/64
UN030065 UN3/65
UN030066 UN3/66
UN030067 UN3/67
UN030068 UN3/68
in conjunction with foreign commentators. Initial
equipment to be produced by Glen Sound Services to BBC
outline specification TV.286. SCPD 1977.
Radio talk back control unit. Provides channel selector,
squelch and carrier on and off controls for "ST ORNO" base
station. ISEP 70. 3U high x l78mm PCB with 3lmm wide
front panel. SCPD 1977.
Clock Remote Control Unit. Free mounting PCB required for
Monitoring and Information Centre desk to control the clock
unit. Communication is multiplexed on to two audio pairs.
Requires clock display unit MSF Receiver and clock unit for
complete system.
Power requirements 5V, l2V d.c.
102mm x l40mm. DD 1978.
Timecode Control Unit. The unit has three functions: 1-
Front panel controls to allow adjustment of video time
display (GE8/502). 2. Circuitry for processed timecode
output for dubbing purposes. 3. (@12V power supplies to
power other units in CD3M/535. Power requirements 240V
a.c. mains. Parent equipment CD3M/535. DD 1978. DDMI
7.405(78). DDHB 7.244(78), 7.248(78).
Desk Control Unit. Accepts signals from desk mounted
switches and encodes them into a serial data stream for
feeding the C04/3 Rugby locked clock. It also receives
serial data from the C04/3 and decodes it into a form
suitable for driving the UN12/14 display. Opto-isolators
are used on the serial input and output. Power
requirements +8V to +20V at l20A, -15V to -20V at 30mA.
PCB l50mm x 95mm, G06 32-way connector. DD 1978.
Store Control Unit. Logic Card for store control and
interface for use with VIDIPRINT. Power requirements +5V.
PN1/29J. Parent equipment GE8M/504. DD 1979.
Clock Manual Control Unit. This unit forms part of the
electronic Network Clock. Front panel switches allow for
manually advancing or retarding the clock by Qne hour (for
BST/GMT changes) or by one second. Another switch permits
local selection of Open University of Network Two formats.
This unit also performs the interfacing between a standard
Gent 0.5Hz loop and the clock. Power requirementw +5V. 4U
BMM unsupported card with 57-way double sided edge
connector and PN1/29J panel. DD 1980.
Edit Machine Data Control Unit. Used in conjunction with
Videotape Editing Equipment EP10M/501 to enter and display
timecode data. The unit is a sub-assembly consisting of a
switch and LED mounting printed circuit board (card 1) and
an electronics printed circuit board (card 2). It forms
part of the Edit Machine Control Pane 1. Power
requirements +5V from the EP10M/501. Approximately l52mm x
229mm printed circuit board. DD 1980. DDMI7.470(81).
Playback Machine Data Control Unit. Used in conjunction
with Video tape Editing Equipment EP10M/502 to enter and
display timecode data. The unit is a sub-assembly