UN030076 UN3/76
UN030077 UN3/77
UN030078 UN3/78
UN030079 UN3/79
UN030556 UN3/556
UN030569 UN3/569
UN030570 UN3/570
UN030571 UN3/571
UN030572 UN3/572
Editor's Data entry Control Unit. This unit is part of
ELECTRALOG - The Data Logging System used with ELECTRA
Video Tape Editing Systems. The unit is a small control
panel assembly which is normally mounted on the Events
Panel (PA6/125) in the Edit System. It provides circuitry
to serially encode press button switch inputs for
transmission to the ELETRALOG computer. It also receives
serial data to operate switch indicator lamps. Two PCBs
155 x 65 mm, boards 1 and 2. Parent equipment PA6/125. DD
Assistant Editors Control Panel. This unit is part of
ELECTRALOG - the Data Logging System. The unit is an
assembly of push buttons and a vacuum fluorescent display
which mounts on an existing panel in the Edit Suite. It
provides circuitry to serially encode push button switch
inputs for transmission +5 V and !12 V. Parent equipment
RD3L/501. DD 1983.
Camera Communications Control Unit. Intended for TV
Outside Broadcast communications. Enables up to 8 camera
production ta1kback, programme sound, and mixed camera
ta1kback circuits to be individually switched from local to
remotely sited. Used in conjunction with SE2/28, UN23/160
or UN23/176. Mounted on 0.6" width front panel for 3 U
high racking. Power requirements !15 V. 100 mm x 220 mm.
Chassis extender CH4/7. SCPD 1985.
Datacast Control Unit. Enables the Datacast
(CD3S/550) to be set up via a switch bank.
requirements +5.0 V, 10 mA. PCB: 200 mm x 40 mm.
equipment CD3S/550. DD(l) 1986.
Control Unit, used in EQ5M/507. CH1/64D, with 13 control
potentiometers and a light emitting diode. DD 1974. DDMI
Data Store Control Unit. This unit forms part of the
EP1M/528 P.T.C. data store. It controls the operation of
recording and reading data to and from the disk drive and
the P.T.C. The computing element is a Motora1a 6800
Microcomputer. 4U BMM unsupported card. DD 1976. DDMI
7.410(79) .
Programmmab1e Sequence Control Unit designed to control the
their additon to a GE1/591 signal generator enables either
of two user programmed sequence to control the generator
9.254(79) .
Local Control Panel. This forms part of the Colour
Synthesiser and Coder CD2L/515. Consists of a CH1/64B
chassis into which are mountd 2 off PS2/186A and 1 off
PS2/185 half card power supplies. The front panel carries
controls for the colour synthesiser. DD 1977.
Control Switching Unit.
ISEP card. DD 1977.
Pat of modification to EP1M/527.