PA060162 PA6/162
PA060163 PA6/163
PA060164 PA6S/164
PA060165 PA6/165
PA060166 PA6/166
PA060167 PA6/167
PA060168 PA6/168
PA060169 PA6M/169
contains 4 selection and 1 preselection windows (12
characters) and a built in qwerty ASCII keyboard. Performs
fader inhibit function. Power requirements 8 V dc at
2.5 A. SCPD, RBSS 1984.
O.S. Selection Control Panel. The OSSM is designed to fit
in MK3/A desk (T.O. position). It is used to select OS
channels, by means of a fibre optic data link to a DPC and
hence to the new NTP router. Contains 4 selection and 1
preselection windows (12 characters), also fader inhibit
and marking functions. It can drive 3 slave modules
(SP27500). Power requirements 8 V dc at 3.0 A. SCPD, RBSS
O.S. Selection Slave Control Panel. The OSSM slave module
is designed to fit MK3/A desk (T.O. position). When used
with master module (SP27450) can select up to 4 channels.
Power requirements 8 V dc at 1.5 A. SCPD, RBSS 1984.
'FASOR' Control Panel. This unit is a 2U x bay width
control panel carrying all the operational controls of the
FILM AUDIO SYNCHRONISER 'FASOR'. It connects to a 2U crate
housing the remainder of the equipments electronics via a
cable incorporating an RS232 serial data bus. Power
requirements +5 V, 100 mA +12 V, 500 mA. Parent equipment
EP5S/27. DD 1984. DDMI7.527(85).
Cinetrace Auxiliary Control Panel. This panel is part of
the CINETRACE Cinemascope telecine scanning control
equipment. By means of switches on the panel, commands are
entered into the CINETRACE computer. The panel also mounts
a fluorescent vacuum display which gives a read out of data
sent back by the computer. Power requirements 5 V, 1.25 A.
CHl/64D. DD 1984. DDMI7.541(86).
EDIFILM Control Panel. The operator control panel allows
EDIFILM commands to be entered into the EDIFILM hardware.
Power requirements 10 W. Panel is 200 x 300 mm. Parent
equipment EP10S/503. DD 1984.
Studio Control Panel. This control panel forms part of the
Studio Control Equipment used to control VTRs in the Record
Bank area at Television Centre. It carries the operational
switches wired to a rear connector, and is configured
mechanically to suit the individual studio installation.
Power requirements +12 V dc, 700 mA max. Parent equipment
EP5P/28. DD(7) 1985. DDMI 7.553(86).
'AUDITOR' Control Panel. Remotely controls and monitors
the operation of AUDITOR via a serial and parallel data
d.c., 0.8A. PCB: 6" x 4". D & E D(C) 1986.
Station Alarm Panel. Receiver and docoder for remote
monitoring of station alarms. Power requirements 240 Vac.
Chassis code: PS3/54. Sub units: UN26/22A, DM1/7, RC1/27,
PS4/38, UN12/27. D & ED(C) 1986.