UN100045 UN10/45
UN100046 UN10/46
UN100047 UN10/47
UN100049 UN10/49
UN100050 UN10/50
UN100051 UN10/51
UN100052 UN10/52
UN100053 UN10/53
Telephone Interface Unit. This unit provides 2 wire to 4
wire conversion, noise gating on the incoming signal and
limiting on the outgoing. Power requirements 240V a.c.
mains or Post Office line power. 100mm x 10 Omm pcb. DD
1978. DDMI 6.345(79). DDHB 6.170(79). EDI 10369(1)FEB80.
Telephone Interface Unit. Similar to UN10/45A but for use
on GPO 4 wire circuits, the UN10/45A being for use on 2
wire circuits. Power requirements mains. l80mm x 60mm.
DD 1979. EDI 10369(1)FEB80. DDMI 6.345(79). DDMI
6.345(79). DDHB 6.170(79).
Telephone Data Signal Combining Unit. Converts a telephone
input from two-wire to four-wire and combines this input
with a switching system data signal (PSK Tones) for
transmission to line. Provides the reverse facility for
incoming signals. Power requirements i@6V. CH1/12A. DD
Telephone Control and Balance Unit. This unit provides 2
wire to 4 wire conversion, noise gating. On the incoming
signal and limiting on the outgoing signal A.G.C. and
voiceover control are applied to the incoming signal.
Power requirements 240V a.c. mains. Equipment superseded
UN1/173. DD 1978. DDMI 6.346(79). DDHB 6.171(79). EDI
Telephone Hybrid Unit used on CMCR Telephone System. Has
facility for balancing line and also necessary circuitry
for driving UN10/48. Power requirements 24V l2V 6V. 3U
ISEP card. SCPD 1979.
Telephone Hybrid and Data Decoding Unit. Telephone hybrid
unit used in UN10/48 on CMCR telephone system. Also
contains circuitry for decoding and sending data signals.
Power requirements l2V. 3U ISEP card. SCPD 1979.
DEL/EMX AGC Uni t. Eddystone Box housing connectors and
necessary wiring to interface EMX connections UN10/45A
(Telephone Interface Box), and Relay Box (UN21/48). Remote
switching of PO line (DEL) into EMX, as used in OB vans.
SCPD 1981.
Ringing Current Detector Unit. Telephone Ringing Detector
Unit, provides fleeting and latching outputs on detection
of 80 V 17-25 Hz ringing current. One latching output is
an isolated loop closure. Works on 24 V and 50 V power
supplies. (Derived from UN20/23). Power requirements 24 V
or 50 V. SCPD 1981.
Telephone Unit. Cased Telephone Unit for use with CMCR
EMX. Contains UN10/54 PCB mounted along with 12V 1.8Ah
sealed lead Acid battery, Rep coil and call buzzer.
Handset mounted on front panel escutcheon. Unit can be
used in horizontal or vertical positions. Connections via
3-pin XLR. Power requirements Phantom powered 30V 90mA.
Case size 315 x 250 x 148 Overall external. Supersedes
DDHB 9.186(83).