UN100054 UN10/54
UN100055 UN10/55
UN100056 UN10/56
UN100057 UN10/57
UN100059 UN10/59
UN100060 UN10/60A
UN100061 UN10S/61
UN100062 UN10/62
Telephone Hybrid and Signalling Unit. Printed Circuit
Board, Telephone Hybrid as used in UN10/53. Also contains
circuitry for decoding and coding of CMCR EMX data signals
and for charging the associated 12V 1.8Ah sealed lead acid
Battery. Phantom power recovered from separate Rep coil.
PCB designed to mount behind the panel carrying the
subscriber select switches and handset. Power requirements
Phantom powered 30V 90mA. PCB size 272 x 204mm nominal.
Parent equipment UN10/53. DD 1982.
Telephone Ringing Detector Unit. PCB electrically
identical to UN10/52 but fitted with 15 way 'D' connector
for external wiring. Mechanically similar to UN20/23 in
that it can be mounted behind and hence easily wired to the
telephone ring/answer key. Power requirements 50 or 24
volts. PCB Dimensions 96 x 61mm. Supersedes UN10/52,
UN10/53. SCPD 1983.
Telephone Latch Unit. Provides 6 independant circuits to
indicate unanswered control line telephone calls. Drawing
111.76. SCPD 1983.
Latch Logic and Lamp Driver Unit. Unit provides 8
electronic latching circuits with lamp drivers. Each
circuit is programmed to be latching or non latching by a
front panel switch. Additional inputs to the lamp driver
logic permits call and engaged functions to be remotely
operated. Power requirements :!:15 V dc. 100 nnn x 220 nnn
Euro Card mounted on 0.6" width front panel for 3U high
racking with 96 Way Euro connector. SCPD 1983.
Telephone Ringing Detector Unit.
ringing detector and ringing lamp
telephone divert relays for the
Power requirements f12 V 100 mA.
1983. DDMI 3.739(84).
Contains the telephone
drive circuits also the
EP5M/22 NCA Equipment.
3U unsupported card. DD
Telephone Hybrid Unit. 2-4 wire convertor used to
interface TMC ICBX telephone installation in Type 5 CMCRS
with comms system. Supersedes UN10/60 and is fully
compatible with UN10/60 function. Includes circuitry to
detect main telephone on and off hook. Power requirements
none-line powered. SCPD Mark 2 comms system Eurocard.
SCPD 1985.
Telephone Connection Unit. This unit enables a standard
DTMF telephone to be connected to a control line. It
provides supervisory tones and ringing signals. Power
requirements 240 Vac. Sub-units UN26S/72. DD 1984.
Telephone Divert Unit. The Telephone Divert Unit replaces
the BT telephone divert facilities not available on new
phones. It is a self-contained, stand-alone unit, powered
from studio supplies. The unit is suitable for both NCA
and Network Studios. The unit is designed to be pluggable
into a new type telephone Line Jack Unit. Any type
telephone can be plugged into it on a Line Jack socket at
the back. Incoming telephone calls can be answered via the