UN110016 UN11/16
UN120006 UN12M/6
UN120007 UN12/7
UN120008 UN12/8
UN120009 UN12/9
UN120010 UN12/10
UN120012 UN12/12
programme, tone, and GTS
!12V at 15mA. 4U BMM card.
DD 1980.
Power requirements
DDHB 3.269(82).
Line Transformer Isolating Unit. For use in TV outside
broadcast communications. The unit provides 10 isolation
transformers for OdB level line drive from a source
impedance of 75 OHMs. Mounted on 1.2" width front panel
for 3U high racking with 96 way euro connector 100mm x
220mm Euro Card. SCPD 1983.
Visual Display Unit. Monitoring and Information Sub-Centre
display accepts Data from MIC for lower display only,
having no keyboard facility. Upper display may show
information sent by operator at main MIC. Display is added
to standard video signal for showing on standard picture
monitors. PN3/54. DD 1977.
Display Control Unit. Provides a 3-digit decimal read-out
of Fault Reporter codes and provides controls for
monitoring and instructing a Fault Reporter. Contains
circuits for serial-parallel conversion of the Fault
Reporter bitstream, decoding and driver stages for the
read out
Modem unit. Power requirements +5V. CH1/64B (modified).
Part of CD3M/20. DD 1977.
Clock Display Unit. This unit provides an eight digit
display of hours, minutes, seconds and frames together with
! sign. The digits are 18mm high and the display is
intended for medium distance viewing. It is contained in a
B size 4U BMM portable carrying case and consists of a
Timecode Decoder, a Display Unit and a power supply. Sub-
units CD3/530, CD3/29 and PS2/187A. DD 1979.
Clock Unit. Provides BCD outputs of 24 hour real time and
also a front panel miniature 7-segment display (24 hour
clock). The clock can be set either by reference to a
group of thumb-wheel switches on the front pane 1 or a
serial time-code obtained from a MSF (Rugby) receiver.
Power requirements +5V, -12V d.c. and 50Hz for clock
timing. PN1/29J. 114 way connector. Parent equipment
CD3M/20. DD 1977.
Clock Display Unit. Free mounting PCB with L.C.D. clock
time display and drivers to indicate time or date on
Monitoring and Information Centre desk. Requires clock
remote control card, clock unit and M.S.F. receiver to
complete. Power requirements PCB card 114mm x 70mm. DD
Video Unit. Inserts caption and boxing signals into video
waveform and separated line and field trigger pulses.
UN12M/6. DD 1978.
Display Unit. Indicates on four 7 x 5 dot matrix display a
four character word as sent by the Remote Display Driver.
Power requirements +9V, -12V d.c. Plastic box 140mm x 76mm
high. DD 1978.