UN120022 UN12/22
UN120023 UN12/23
UN120024 UN12/24
UN120025 UN12/25
UN120026 UN12/26
UN120027 UN12/27
UN120028 UN12/28
UN120509 UN12/509
isolators. 4 U version of UN12/8.
'An version allows up to eight inputs to be monitored via
the opto-iso1ators.
Power requirements +5 V.
Parent equipment PA6/157. Chassis extender CH1A/43. DD
(2) 1985.
Indication Unit. Displays information on 3-digit readout
according to numbers selected on 3-digit push button
switches. Power requirements +5V 300mA. 4U 'B' width
front panel with p.c.b. fitted on rear. Parent equipment
EP1M/30. DD 1982.
Alpha-numeric Display Unit. Display unit fitted with two
digits to indicate the output state of UN26/52 via an 11-
way Painton Plug. Power requirements from UN26/54. Die-
cast box, 30mm x 25mm x 20mm approx. Parent equipment
UN26/52. DD 1982.
Status Display Unit. This unit is part of each Mixer in
the MX5M/504. It displays on its Front Panel the current
mixer status. It also organises the control and tally
lines to be suitable for IDC connectors. Power
requirements 5V at 50 mA. 4U unsupported board. Parent
equipment MX5M/504. DD 1983. DDHB 8.401(85).
MCP Display Unit. Microprocessor (8031) controlled L.C.D.
for use in source switching at Monitoring and Collection
Points. Accepts up to 40 characters from a parallel
keyboard input and sends characters in serial form to
switching system. Also takes serial data from switching
system and displays present state of switching. Provision
made for fitment of PS2/195A for increased 5 V ~/po Power
requirements 9-12 V 800 mA. 260 wide x 133 high x 180 deep
'u' frame for mountig within T.C.P.D. control desk frame.
DD 1983.
Sound Level Remote Indicator. The unit provides a bright-
light desk-top indication of 100 and 105 dBA sound pressure
level when driven from the ME2P/9. It will only be powered
when the ME2P/9 is operated from an external 24 V supply.
RD drawing No. RES 2326 series. Power requirements 24 V dc,
120 mA (fed via ME2P/9. PCB: 64 x 51mm. RD 1986.
Indicator Panel. Indicator Panel for monitoring of station
alarms. Power requirements +5 V (derived from PA6M/169).
4U x E Width.
Parent equipment PA6M/169.
D & ED (C) 1986.
Over-Temperature Display Unit. This unit is used in
Marconi B6526 10kW and 20kW transmitter control racks. It
provides indication as to the state of the Blower relay
contact (energised or de-energised), and indication of
whether a cavity or cubicle over-temperature trip has
Chassis extender CH1A/43. TED 1987.
Display Unit. Combines 7-segment display and
Decoder/Driver using CMOS integrated circuit type MC14511
CP and Monsanto 0.7mm display module with common cathode