UN230084 UN23/84
UN230085 UN23/85A
UN230087 UN23/87
UN230088 UN23/88
UN230089 UN23S/89
UN230090 UN23/90
UN23009l UN23/9l
UN230092 UN23/92
UN230093 UN23/93
UN230094 UN23/94
Start Mode Control. Contains all the interfacing circuitry
to provide the facilities of local, fader or remote start
in RP2/l0. +5V 150mA. 2U unsupported card. Parent
equipment RP2/l0. DD 1977.
Store Control Unit. Unit shares the MIC store among the
various peripheral units requiring access. This version
accommodates an extra 8 peripheral units, compared with the
remaining pin-compatible.
It also
assesses the priority of peripherals in a fashiion which is
more compatible with microprocessor-controlled units.
Power requirements 5 V dc.
PNl/29J with 2 boards.
Supersedes UN23/85. Parent equipment PAlM/lOl. DD 1984.
Buffer Unit. Card to plug into TMlM/lA or C to buffer
clock and serial data lines to produce two feeds of each.
Used to feed local fault reporters into Monitoring and
Information Centre equipment. Power requirements 5V d. c.
Unsupported card 63mm x I02mm with edge connector. DD
Measure Control Unit. Performs all logic functions
connected with the display on the Monitoring and Inf
ormation Centre VDU or measurements of ITS parameters.
Power requirements +5V, -12V d.c. CHl/64J. DD 1978.
Apology Caption Control Unit. Generates control signals to
feed I.C.E.
for remote control of Apology Caption
Generator (A.C.E.) from Monitoring and Information Centres
(MIC) Control signals are derived from MIC switching panel
EP15M/lO. Power requirements !5V, 12V d.c. CHl/64J. DD
D.C.P. Interface Control Unit. Derives
for D.C.P. output from Monitoring and
main store. Power requirements 5V d.c.
equipment PAlM/lOl. DD 1978.
main store address
Information Centre
CHl/64J. Parent
M. C.P. Interface Control Unit. Dervies control signals
for M.C.P. output from Monitoring and Information Centre
mainstore. Power requirements 5V d.c. CHl/64J. Parent
equipment PAlM/lOl. DD 1978.
Logic Unit.
DD 1978.
Perform miscellaneous logic functions for
and Information Centre VDU's. Powerr
+5V d.c. CHl/64J. Parent equipment UN12M/5.
Alarm Unit. Part of PA6M/70 VHF Radio Control and
Indication Panel PA6M!70. Contains up to six indications
which do not naturally fall in the main displays, and
contains an audible alarm and alarm cancel button. Power
requirements l6.5V d.c. lU rack as TMl/2. Superseded by
PAl/107. DD 1978.
Logic Unit. Performs miscellaneous logic functions in
Monitoring and Information Centre remote VDU. Power
requirements 5V d.c. CHl/64J. Parent equipment UN12M/6.
DD 1978.