UN230095 UN23/95
UN230098 UN23/98
UN230099 UN23/99
UN230100 UN23/100
UN230101 UN23/101
UN230102 UN23/102A
UN230103 UN23/103
UN230104 UN23/104
Radio Telephone Control Unit. Controls selective calling
equipment for radio telephone equipment at Monitoring and
Information Centres from signals derived from the main MIC
keyboard. Power requirements !12V, 5V d.c. CHl/64J.
Parent equipment EP15M/10. DD 1978.
Emergency Lighting Timer. The timer is used for emergency
lighting when the mains fails (the presence of mains
overrides the timer to set the output to an off state). An
external push button or a reset button mounted on the unit
reset the timer to the start if its sequence, the reset
button also gives an indication when the timer is up to 80%
of its timed output. Two outputs are available, one
remains on for the full timing period, the second output
can be switched off before this time by pressing the
external push button. Timing period from 10m to 90m in 10
minute intervals can be selected by a front panel control.
Power requirements +12V 100mA. 32mm 3U ISEP front panel.
3U l78mm board with 80w UELL connector. SCPD 1978.
Control Logic Card. Contains all logic used in PA6/72 and
PA6/73 control panels in DK4/31 Radio Continu ity Studio
VCA drives and
tape start and echo insert. Power requirements !12. 5V,
3U PCB as used
in CH1/77.
RD 1978.
3.651(78). DDHB 3.220(79).
Cartridge Machine Control Unit. As UN23/99, except start
function latch omitted, giving "momentary" start switch
action and indication. Fader start action unchanged. Used
when momentary cartridge start required. Power
requirements as UN23/99. Chassis code as UN23/99. Parent
equipment PA6/72. DD 1981.
Data Control Unit. Used in the RD4L/507 to control the
arithmetic and storage functions of the unit. Power
requirements +12V at 10mA. 4u BMM unsupported card. DD
1978. DDMI 7.425(79).
CIP Switching Control Unit. Sub-unit of PA6M/97 VHF
transmitters. A pair of units will handle the require-
ments of two transmitter service for each of transmitter
start and drive changeover. Power requirements +5V. 4U
printed circuit board. Equipment superseded UN9/39.
Parent equipment PA6M/97. DD 1978.
Input Logic Unit. This is a version of the UN23/102 with
all 64 inputs TTL compatible. Power requirements +5v. 4U
BMM unsupported card. Parent equipment PA6/97. DD 1981.
CIP Front Panel Interface Unit. A sub-unit of PA6M/97
provides the interface between PA6M/97 (CIP main frame) and
UN12/15 (CIP front panel). Power requirements +5V. 4U
pri nted board. Equipment superseded UN23/71 and UN23/72.
DD 1978.
Colour Balance Interface and Control Logic Unit.
Interfaces exter-nal selection and indication and provides
control logic to produce control signals for the colour
balance processor. Power requirements +9V 100mA d. c.