UN230126 UN23/126
UN230127 UN23/127
UN230128 UN23/128
UN230129 UN23/129
UN230130 UN23/130
UN230131 UN23L/131
UN230132 UN23/132
UN230133 UN23/133
UN230134 UN23/134
l48mm x l17mm 25 way edge connector.
EPl/17. DD 1979. DDMI 7.431(80).
Parent equipment
Footage Counter Unit. This small printed circuit board
together with mechanical details converts the rotation of a
pulley into a series of pulses to enable the metering of
tape footage being compiled on the tape-up spool of the
EP1/17 tape reclamation equipment. It also senses the
presence/absence of tape being fed to the tape-up spool for
control purposes. Power requirements +5V d.c. 5mA. 75mm x
50mm approximately plus mechanical parts. Parent equipment
EP1/17. DD 1979. DDMI 7.443(80).
Spool Size Detector Unit. This small printed circuit board
together with opto-coupler and mechanical parts detects the
presence/ absence of an NAB spool on the feed side of the
EPl/17 tape reclamation equipment for motor control
purposes. Power requirements +5V d.c. 5mA. 50mm x 30mm
approximately plus mechanical details. Parent equipment
EPl/17. DD 1979. DDMI 7.442(80).
Input Interface Unit. Interfaces Grass Valley Mixer
Channel Selector buttons to 5V logic. Also includes 20 way
indicator driver. Power requirements 9V (on board
regulated to 5V). 3U ISEP 254mm long fitted with G 07
connector. SCPD 1979.
Indicator Driver Unit. Drives 2 sets of seven segment LED
indicators from 16 switch inputs. Incorporates priority
register. Power requirements 5V. 3U ISEP 254mm long
fitted with G07 connector. SCPD 1979.
Programmable I/O Uni t. Programmable I/O card for Designs
Department 2-80 bus, contains two Intel 8255A P I/O chips,
providing four 8 bit data ports with control and bit
set/reset lines. The bus signals are connect ed to wiring
side of the edge connector and the outputs to the component
side. Wire-wrap posts enable the selec tion of the port
addresses and select which interrupt lines are connected to
the bus.
Power requirements
4U J width
unsupported card. DD 1979. DDHB 8.369(81).
VHF Control Indication Unit. Drives control and TM1M/1
indication unit for VHF relay stations. Consists of one
UN23/132 and one PS2/236 connected together via a PN3A/53B
termination box. Power requirements a.c. mains 240V +10%
-20%. TCPD 1979.
VHF Control Indication Unit. Drive control and TM1M/1
indication unit for VHF relay stations. Part of UN23L/131.
Power requirements 24v d.c. CH1/64A. TCPD 1979.
Automatic Fault Reporter Battery Control Uni t. Controls
unit for battery backup suppply to TM1M/1A-C automatic
fault reporters. Power requirements 5V d.c. 20mA. CH1/63.
DD 1980. DDHB 2.487(83). DDMI 2.466(83).
Edit Machine Control Panel Logic.
Edit Machine Control Equipment
The unit is used in the
EP10M/501. It contains