UN230143 UN23/143
UN230144 UN23/144
UN230145 UN23/145
UN230147 UN23/147
UN230148 UN23/148
UN230149 UN23S/149
UN230150 UN23/150
UN230151 UN23/151
+12V, +5V.
DD 1981.
4U 'B' size uni t .
Parent equipment C06/511.
Muting and Start Mode Control Unit. The unit fits into a
Technics control centre SH10-EP, and provides an output to
drive a relay within the PA3/6, which momentarily mutes the
signal passing through the PA3/6 during the run-up time of
the turntable. Mute duration is adjustable by means of 3
potentiometers on the board. The unit also provides the
control logic for the start mode of the turntable. Power
requirements 5 volts DC. Parent equipment RP2/9A, Sub Ass.
, A'. ED 1981.
Red Light Control Unit. Plug in card providing electronic
control studio buzz in/out and operation of the studio red
light from control room. Module provides interface with
control room signalling and a transistor switched output to
operate studio red light relay. An electronic buzzer is
mounted on the card. Power requirements 50V 100mA max.
20mA quiescent. PCB Short BMM. SCPD 1981.
Link Changeover Control Unit. Logic Uni t used in link
supervisory systems as main control unit for link
changeovers dependent on input fault status. Provides for
manual and remote switching as well as fault reporter
information. Power requirements Mains or provision for
external DC input. CH1/64B. Supersedes UN23/634. TCPD
Timing Logic Unit. Derives timing waveforms from mixed
blanking for Ident and Countdown Generator, GE8/5. Power
requirements 5V DC. CH1/65J. Open University 1982.
Disk Interface Unit. This S100 board provides an interface
between Cromemco 16FDC and Caldisk 143M disk drives, a set
of 7 lamp drivers plus 18V Power Supply, and a parallel I/O
port for the' drivers and panel switches. Power require-
ments +18V max lA
from S100
PCB dimensions 254 x
135.25mm. Parent equipment C04/18. DD 1982.
Memory Control Unit. Memory control card for digital test
unsupported card. Parent equipment GE6M/559. DD 1982.
DDHB 8.397(83).
3 Camera Talkback Logic Unit. accepts i:12V from camera,
and logic either calls engineer or puts camera speak to
MCTB. Also arranges for engineer to call, speak and listen
to camera. Capable of providing these facilities with up
to 3 cameras. Power requirements +12V OV -12V. ISEP 3U
board with 2 part connector. SCPD 1982.
Switch Logic Unit. Enabling non-locking push buttons to be
used for switching. Six integrated circuits on PCR
provides one make and one change over circuit for each
input. HY Tip connector. Power requirements 24V d.e. PCR
to fit 3U BMM panel. SCPD 1982.