UN140526 UN14M/526A
UN140532 UN14/532
UN140534 UN14/534
UN140537 UN14/537
UN140538 UN14/538
UN140539 UN14/539
UN140540 UN14/540
UN140541 UN14/541
Video Display Unit. Part of EP5/512B.
delays to the input channel video signals
effects desk delays. See DD/CF/12486.
for bay mounting. DD 1977.
Key Delay Unit. Part of EP5/512B. Provides switches key
signal delays to compensate for delays in effects desk.
Used with UN14M/526A on independent bank mixer operations.
See DD/CF/12486. 3U special panel for bay mounting. DD
1977 .
Provides switched
to compensate for
3U special panel
Pulse Delay Unit. This unit provides up to 6 different
delay lines simultaneously for Standard Studio pulses. Up
to 4 delay lines, each l~s in Sans steps, may be fitted as
required. Up to 2 separate chains of pulses may be fed to
the unit. CH1/65A. Supersedes UN14L/533. DD 1976. DDMI
8.554. DDHB 8.333. EDI 10253(I)N OV76.
Adjustable Delay Unit. This unit comprises a sectioned 75Q
delay line and an emitter follower. The delay line can be
connected to give any multiple of 5ns up to 155ns delay.
The unit is part of the modification kit to incorporate the
FL1/526 into the PAL Coder GE1M/526.
Printed board
approximately 76mm x 18mm.
DD 1976.
DDMI 8.548.
Pulse Delay Unit. The uni t provides a means of delaying
standard television pulses for up to a maximum of 6~s. It
will contain six l~s tapped delay lines which may be shared
between two separate pulse feeds if required and ten output
amplifiers which may be connected to any point on the delay
lines. Power requirements 190V to 260V a.c.
approximately. laVA. CH1/64A. DD 1978. DDMI 8.600(79).
DDHB 8.357(79). EDI 10355(I)MAY80.
Television Line Delay Unit. 4U free card providing 2 x I
line delay using glass delay lines. 63. 73~S ec. for PAL
system. Power requirements +12V, -12V at SOmA. DD 1978.
Television Line Delay Unit. 4U free standing card
providing 2 x 1 line delay using glass delay lines.
63.29~S line for NTSC. Power requirements +12V -12V, SOmA.
DD 1979.
Field Drive Pulse Delay for television OBs type S
Variable delay from 0-20mS. Used to synchronise
monitors when using an external generator.
requirements SOmA at 24V. ISEP board 189mm x 113 mm.
1979. DDMI 9.308(83).
Digital Quadruple Line Delay. Based on TTL Bi-Polar
technology for 8-bit Quantised video signals, at sampling
frequencies up to 1SMHz. The unit contains four 8-bi t
video delays having separate data inputs and outputs, and
identical delay lengths which may be pre-set to any value
between 4 and 1028 sample periods. Coding positions 3, S,
19. Power requirements S volts 3 amps. 4U BMM Unsupported
Card. Parent equipment Electronic Stills Store PA1M/S80.
RD 1981.