UN230161 UN23/161
UN230162 UN23/l62
UN230163 UN23/163
UN230164 UN23/164
UN230165 UN23/165
UN230166 UN23/166
UN230167 UN23/167
UN230168 UN23/168
panel for 3 U high racking wi th 96 Way Euro connec tor.
Supersedes UN23/77, UN23/96, UN8/25. SCPD 1983.
Equaliser Logic Control Unit. Contains Serial/Parallel
conversion and logic to control the equaliser and filter
cards of the EQ3/38. Power requirements +5V, i:15V. 3U
unsupported card. Parent equipment EQ3/38. DD 1983.
Prehear Control Logic Unit. A logic circuit board which is
fitted to the desk panels of the Continuity Equipment
EP10/19, to give the facility that Fader Overpress has
priority over Prehear select. Power requirements i:6 volts
5mA. 132 x 52. Parent equipment PA6/85, PA6/87, PA6/88,
PA6/89, PA6/90. DD 1983.
Interface Control Logic Unit. Interfaces card between ZEUS
system and COXBOX IV colour synthsizer. Provides 9
analogue control voltages ranging from - 9 V to OV derived
from digital information from the ZEUS. Power requirements
+ 12 V, -12 V, +5 V. 4U BMM unsupported P.C. board. SCPD
Interface Unit. This unit interfaces between the mixer
electronics and its control panel. The logic inputs are
opto-isolated, and the tally outputs are driven by lamp
drivers (lOO mA each). Links are provided for setting
certain operating condi tions of the mixer. Power
requiremens +5 V. CH1/65J. Parent equipment MX5L/505. DD
1983. DDHB 8.435(85).
Animation Store Control Unit. Memory controller for use on
BBC1 Logo Generator - O.W.L. Provides memory addressing
for both the sequential memory and the fixed memoryu. It
also generates control signals, e.g. digital blanking.
Power requirements estimated + 5 V at 2.3A, -5 V at O.lA.
4U unsupported. Parent equipment GE6MS/565. DD 1984.
Test Generator Control Unit. Provides an interface to
remotely control both a Sound Test Generator type GE4/6C
and a Video Test Generator type GE1/591. Also provides
revertive inforamtion as to the selected waveform on each
generator. Video test waveforms are selectable via a ROM.
Power requirements +5 V 150 mA max. 4U unsupported card
J width Front Panel. DD 1984.
Miscellaneous Logic. Unit with two serial UARTS, watchdog
time and drives to RS232 and RS422 external circuits. Part
of Remote Control System for B.T. Earth Station to meet EBU
requirements. Power requirements +5 V, +12 V, -12 v.
Parent equipment EP1S/50. DD 1984.
Rotary Encoder Interface Unit. The unit Buffers and
conditions the output of optical incremental shaft
encoders. It is a dual channel device. It is designed to
drive the UN23/156, over balanced lines at some distance.
Power requirements 5 V dc. 100 x 160 'Euro card"
unsupported P.C.B. SCPD 1984.