UN230643 UN23/643
UN230644 UN23/644
UN230645 UN23/645
UN230648 UN23/648 .
UN230649 UN23S/649
UN230652 UN23/652
UN230653 UN23/653
UN230654 UN23/654
UN230655 UN23/65i
UN230656 UN23/656
Lamp Drive Logic Unit
Communications Panels.
circuits and fits in 24
1977 .
for use in Television
Has 10 circuits UN23/643
way Cinch edge connector.
Sequencer Logic Unit to control the run up and run down
times of a klystron amplifier. Part of EP1M/546. PN1/29J.
TX 1977.
Fault Processor Unit for
Part of EP1M/546. PN1/29J.
klystron amplifier
TX 1977.
CSO Interface Unit. This unit is used with the New CSO
modifications to the Studio Mixer EP5/5l2. _It acts as an
interface unit between the New CSO mixer logic UN23L/635
and a 10 x 1 Michael Cox Electronics RGB switching matrix
which requires a TTL logic level to switch on a crosspoint.
CHl/64J. DD 1977.
Waveform Generator Logic Unit. Contains logic to enable
the GE6/540 to generate video 3-tone test signal and single
phase colour bars and to switch off the generator output
replacing it with a 750hm termination. Connects to the
GE6/540 by a 56-pole connector. Power requirements +5V.
PCB 47mm x l73mm. DD 1977. DDMI 9.238 (79).
Waveform Generator Logic Unit. Contains logic
the GE6/540 to generate IT pulse and bar and
chrominance pulse and bar. Power requirements
47mm x l50mm. DD 1977. DDMI 9.241(79).
to enable
+5V. PCB
Matrix Interface. This card accepts the parallel data from
the CD3/534 Serial Data Decoder and provides outputs to
control 25 cross points on a vision matrix. The card also
has an input of mixed synchronising pulses and generates
picture rate pulses which control the switching time when
changing source cross point selections. This card together
with the CD3/534 'Serial Data Decoder' and Mother card from
the CD3L/531 'Matrix Remote Decoder'. Power requirements
+5V. 4U BMM unsupported card with PN1!29J. Front Panel.
DD 1977. DDMI 8.597(79).
Natlock Control Units (2 off) housed in the Natlock Control
10-60mA depending on
lamp display. DD 1977.
Control Panel Interface. This card accepts as its input up
to 25 momentry action push buttons or four sets of BCD
coded thumbwhee1 switches and generates six bit BCD coded
data. For the first twelve inputs momentary override is
provided. This card together with the CD2/520 Serial Data
Coder and the MD2/511 form the CD2L/516 Matrix Remote
Control Coder. Power requirements +5V. 3U standard ISEP.
DD 1977. DDMI 8.603(79).
Control Panel Interface. This card
between various types of control panels
of up to 25 sources and the Serial Data
generates a 6 bit BCD output from 25
is the interface
for the se lection
Coder CD2/S19. It
individu a1 press