UN260018 UN26/18
UN260019 UN26/19
UN260020 UN26/20
UN260021 UN26/21
UN260022 UN26/22
UN260023 UN26/23
UN260024 UN26/24
Parent equipment EP15M/9, EP15M/10.
DD 1978.
Input Interface Unit. Converts incoming data streams into
parallel form, recognises control characters and controls
Monitoring and Information Centre remote VDU. Power
requirements 5V d.c. CH1/64J. Parent equipment UN12M/6.
DD 1978.
Input Interface Unit.
data to blocks which
Power requirements 5V
PN1/32. DD 1978.
Similar to UN26/2 but delivering
are pre-set by internal swi tches.
d.c. CH1/64J. Parent equipment
CIP Central Processor. Sub-unit of PA6M/97, controls all
display, muting, alarm generation and fault reporting
functions of the CIP. Power requirements +5V. 4U printed
circuit board. Equipment superseded OS2/51, UN23/71 and
UN23/71 in part. Parent equipment PA6M/97. DD 1978.
Central Processor. similar to UN26/20 (Electrically
compatible). Has minor wiring additions and engraved front
panel. Power requirements +5V. CH1/79. Parent equipment
EP1M/28-30. DD 1982.
Colour Balance Processor. Provides logic to process pulses
from an optional wheel to produce a control voltage for a
colour balance. Power requirements +9v 100mA and -20V 10mA
d.c. Printed circuit board 3U x l78mm ISEP with 40 way
UNECL connector. DD 1978.
8085 Microprocessor card with 265 bytes of RAM and up to 6k
bytes to ROM. The card includes a timer, programmable from
200~S to 1.3 seconds, serial input and output ports, 3 x 8
bit and 5 x 1 bit buffered output ports, 1 x 8 bit and 3 x
1 bit bi-directional un-buffered ports all available on the
ren edge connector. Two additional 8 bit, 1 x 4 bit and
5 x 1 bit ports are available for connecting to switches,
lamps, test sockets etc. Power requirements 5V d.c.
Superseded by UN26/22A. OBSOLESCENT.
8085 Processing Unit. Partially equipped processor board
intended as a sub-assembly for an overall unit. This board
is an improved version of the UN26/22 with more RAMs, more
ROMs, a choice of processor speed and bi-directional ports.
Most software will be upward compatible but down
compatability is unlikely. Power requirements 5V d.c. 4U
4U card. DD 1983.
Data Processing Unit. Received balanced digital signals
and other control signals, selects between two sources and
gives out TTL-leve1 signals corresponding to the selected
source. Power requirements +12V at 35mA, +9V at 60mA. CDX
3U 'J' card (G06 connector). Parent equipment MN8M/1. DD
Data Strobe Unit. This unit accepts 32 channels of data
state, plus 5 different status signals and scans these such
as to operate the selection of pages stored in the UN27/9
for display by the GE8/4. Power requirements 9V at 400mA.