UN260061 UN26S/61
UN260062 UN26/62
UN260063 UN26/63
UN260064 UN26/64
UN260065 UN26/65
UN260066 UN26S/66
UN260067 UN26M/67
UN260068 UN26S/68
UN260069 UN26S/69
Z80A Microprocessor Unit. Z80A based microprocessor unit
containing battery backed real time clock, 4 channel
counter/timer, 16 bit parallel I/O controller and up to
8 Kbytes of ROM/RAM. It has a fully buffered bus and may
form part of a larger system or may be used as a "stand
alone" controller. Power requirements +5 V. CH1/64A.
Parent equipment GE8L/511. C&ES 1983.
Dual Z80 CTC. Zeus compatible CTC card. Containing two
Z80 CTC's with all 8 c1ock/trigger inputs brought to the
edge connector. Port addresses selected by wire-wrap
unsupported card with front panel.
Parent equipment
EP1M/41. DD 1984. DDHB 8.416(84).
Binary Code Interface Unit. To switch the oscillator
OS3/510 off when identical channels are selected on both
generator and receiver. Power requirements +5 V d.c., -12
V d.c. 145 mm x 70 mm single sided P.C.B. Parent equipment
EP14M/507. DD 1984.
Multiplier Unit. Used in the BBC1 Logo Generator - O.W.L.
The digital key signals from the decoder are used to
modulate the foreground and background digital video
signals from the fixed memory. Power requirements
estimated +5 V at 2.2A -5 Vat O.lA. 4U unsupported.
Parent equipment GE6MS/565. DD 1984.
Animation Combiner. Used in the BBC1 Logo Generator _
O.W.L. The two digital video outputs from the Multiplier
unit are mixed, rounded and blanked. Power requirements
estimated +5
4U unsupported.
equipement GE6MS/565. DD 1984.
Manual Control Panel Processor. Processers data from
C010/10 to drive C04/22, C04/21 cards and enable manual
operation from a keypad and display. Power requirements
SV. 4U card 180 mm long. DD 1984.
O.S. Selection Processing Unit. This module can hold up to
4 euro cards 100 x 160 mm, it comprises a motherboard based
on Mostek bus SDB-80, reset watchdog circuit and a 5 V
regulator. The motherboard contains a !12 V dc-dc
converter. The euro cards contained are the SBC,
Display/Keyboard Interface OS Button In/Inhibit Port.
Power requirements 8 V dc at 2.5 A 5 A max. SCPD, RBSS
, ADZE' Z80 Processing Uni t. This card contains a Z80A _
based microcomputer similar to the UN26/57, but supporting
more memory (up to 48K ROM, 32K RAM) and providing more
control signals on the interface connector to the wire-
wrap grid area. Power requirements +5 V. Unsupported 4U
Card. Supersedes UN26/57. DD 1984. DDMI 6.427(85).
DDHB 6.267(85).
Microcomputer Unit. The unit is an alternative to the
UN26/46 microcomputer unit but provides some enhanced
facilities. The unit is a self-contained microcomputer
based on the Motorola MC6803. The card provides 20 input