UN260084 UN26/84
UN260085 UN26/85
UN260086 UN26S/86
UN260087 UN26S/87
UN260088 UN26S/88
UN260089 UN26/89
UN260090 UN26S/90
UN260091 UN26/91
UN260092 UN26S/92
seeking overdue 'Man on Site'. Power requirements 5 V dc.
4 U unsupported board with 'A' width front panel.
Supersedes UN26/8,
UN23/56, UN23/86.
Parent equipment
EP1M/53. Sub-units UN26/22A. Chassis extender CH4/5. DD
(2) 1985. Superseded by UN26S/90. OBSOLESCENT.
ADC Buffer Unit. To interface between
the Digital Video internal data
requirements +5 V, -5 V. BBC Chassis:
Chassis Extender CH4/5. DD(8) 1986.
two C08/512 ADCs and
standard. Power
4 U unsupported PCB.
DAC Buffer Unit. To interface between the Digital Video
internal data standard and the C09/509 DAC. It also offers
Power requirements +5 V, -5 V. BBC Chassis: 4U unsupported
PCB. Chassis Extender: CH4/5. DD(8) 1986.
TMS 320 Audio Processing Unit. Digital Signal Processing
card using the TMS 32010 microprocessor, designed to
perform mixing, fading, limiting etc., on up to 7 high-
quality digital audio signals. It interfaces to the
digital audio multi-phase bus. Power requirements +5 V at
1.6 A typ., 2.4 A max. 4U Unsupported PCB with PN1/29J
front panel. Chassis Extender: CH4/5. DD(3) 1986.
Z80 Processing Unit. Used for the control of digital
video equipment. Power requirements +5 V, :!::12 V. PCB:
6 U triple depth. D & ED (V) 1986. HB V.1038(87).
8085 Processing Unit. This unit is based upon the UN26/22A
8085 Processing Unit. Power requirements: +5 V dc. PCB:
4U Unsupported. Chassis extender: CH4/5. Parent equipment
PA6M/169. Sub units UN26S/52 A or B. D & ED (C) 1986.
Parallel I/O Buffer Unit. Designed for use with C04/6
Input/Output Unit to provide 2 RS422 ports with handshaking
and interrupts. Also provides interrupts from mixed syncs.
Power requirements: +5 V, 500 mA max. PCB: 4U Unsupported
Board. Chassis Extender CH4/5. Parent equipments EP1SM/56.
D & ED (V) 1986.
Universal Processing
units UN26S/78-83.
requirements +5 V.
extender CH4/5.
UN26S/78-83. D & ED
Uni t.
Based on the UN26/22B card. Power
PCB: 4U Unsupported Card. Chassis
Sub units: UN26/22B. Supersedes
(C) 1986.
Interface Buffer Unit. Fits inside mixer control panels to
receive balanced data, address and control signals and
buffer them for use by other I/O cards in a rack. Power
requirements: +5 V. 3 U card with 40 way IDC plug and 64-
way G06 connector. D & ED (V) 1986.
ES Bus Processing Unit. Single 3 U microprocessor system
to control broadcasting equipment using EBU serial remote
control standard. A maximum of 128 k of combined ROM and
RAM memory is available. Communication is via 4 serial
links with user selectable baud rates. External I/O
expansion is possible. The unit is powered by a single