UN260531 UN26L/531
UN260532 UN26/532
UN260533 UN26/533
UN260534 UN26/534
UN260535 UN26/535
UN260536 UN26/536
UN260538 UN26/538
UN260539 UN26/539
switching circuits,
amplifiers. CH1/64J.
also video clipping and
DD 1977. DDMI 7.397(77).
Colour Synthesizer Processing Unit. This unit is a two
level synthesizer and will process a monochrome input
signal to produce two separate signals corresponding to the
light and dark areas present in the incoming video. These
two signals are further processed to produce RGB colouring
signals with independent control of background and high
light colour. Mains powered CH1/64B. DD 1977.
Edit Control Processing Unit. Accepts control
inputs and processes them. Used in EM1M/548.
unsupported card. DD 1977.
Playback Control Processing Unit.
switch inputs and processes them.
CDX unsupported card. DD 1977.
Accepts various control
Used in E P1M/547. 5U
Video Processing Unit. Erases an area of a television
picture and inserts a caption within this area. The
erasure and caption information is supplied to the unit in
digital form. Synchronising pulses are derived from the
incoming video signal and supplied to the caption
generating equipment. The output signal is relay-switched
to either the video with inserted caption or a clean feed.
Requires 240V a.c. Printed circuit board 250m m x 220mm
with front and rear panel attached. Normally fitted into a
EP1M/549. DD 1977.
Digital Multiplier Processing Unit which performs the
multiplication of two 8-bit digital words to produce a 12
bit rounded output word at a rate of l6MWd/sec. The
multiplicand may be varied at l6MWd/sec, the multiplier at
line rate. The unit will also add a 12 bit word to the
product. All arithmetic is magnitude + sign. Power
requirements 5V d.c. 3.5A. BMM 4U unsupported PCB card.
Parent equipment C06/510. DD 1978.
Timecode Arithmetic Unit. Accepts two parallel BCD times A
and B calculates A + or -B with a B as an offset time,
allowing for the 24 hour clock, or calculates an arithmetic
difference A-B with the result positive or negative. Power
requirements +3v to +15V lOmA. 4u BMM unsupported card.
Supersedes UN1/682, UN1/729. DD 1978. DDMI 7.407 (78).
DDHB 7.241(78).
8085 Central Processing Unit. Basic 8085 microprocessor
module for use in bus wired system together with general
purpose 32K bit RAM and EPROM memory boards and suitable
designed input output interface units to form a complete
microprocessor system. Power requirements +5V. PN1/29J.
RD 1978.
Analogue Processor. Forms part of the Teletext Decoding
Margin Meter ME15M/502. It's main function is as an A.G.C.
Amplifier and
superseded UN26/527. DD 1978. DDMI 9.235(78).