UN260540 UN26/540
UN260541 UN26/541
UN260542 UN26/542
UN260543 UN26/543
UN260544 UN26/544
UN260S45 UN26/S45
UN260S46 UN26/546
UN260S47 UN26/547
UN260S49 UN26/S49
Digital Processor. Forms the major part of the Teletext
Decoding Margin Meter ME15M/502. It contains all the logic
and processing circuitry to measure the decoding margin.
Power requirements +12V, -12V, +5V. CH1 /65A. Equipment
superseded UN26/528. DD 1978. DDMI 9.236(79).
Digital Multiplier Processing Unit to perform the
multiplication of two 8-bit numbers to produce a l2-b it
rounded output word at a rate in excess of l6MWd/sec. Its
function is similar to the UN26/535 but contains circuits
to store two coefficients (multipliers) for separate "gain"
control of luminance and chrominance input samples. Power
requirements 5V at 3.5A d.c. BMM 4U unsupported PCB card.
Parent equipment C06/510. DD 1978.
Digital Adder Processing Unit. This digital adder can take
in two sets of two l2-bit words and provide either two
rounded eight-bit sums or one sum of all four inputs,
according to control logic inputs. The adder incorporates
a clipper to prevent exceeding peak white or going below
black level. Power requirements 5V at 3.5 A d.c., -5V at
300mA d.c. Parent equipment C06/510. DD 1978.
Adder to add syncs and burst to video signal from blanking
unit UN26/537. Power requirements !12V. C H1/64J. Parent
equipment AM18L/525. AM18L/526. DD 1978. DDMI 8.606(79).
Video Output Processing Unit. Contains a 5.5MHz L.P.F.
and a variable equaliser to compensate for the high
frequency sin X/X loss coused by sample and hold circuits
operating at or above twice subcarrier frequency
Provides one video output of lV into 75Q. Power
requirements +12V. -12V. CH1/64A. Equipment supersedes UN
26/520. RD 1978.
Pulse and Data Processor. This unit forms an interface
between a teletext decoder and the printer control logic
UN23/664. Power requirements +5V. 107mm x 38mm printed
circuit board. DD 1978.
Processing Unit. Part of SE3L/505. Accepts signals from
GE1/S94 and an external key signal. Incorporates switches
and waveform selectors to generate output waveform. Two
7SQ blanked key waveforms are output. 4U 'J' width printed
circuit board with panel- Parent equipment SE3L/S05. DD
1979. DDMI 8.616(79).
Exclusive Key and Parade Unit. 1. Generates exclusive key
Organises signals fed to camera monitoring transmitter.
The unit is mounted and the camera head of an LDK5 Camera
and replaces an original Philips unit. Power requirements
+6V and -6V supplied by camera. DD 1979. DDMI 8.619(79).
DDHB 8.366(80).
Video Processing Unit. This unit forms part of the
Electronic Network Clock. Its function is to process the
clock 'hand' signals from the GE6/S44 so as to subjectively
improve the stepped effect reseent when a hand is at a