UN160537 UN16/537
UN160538 UN16/538
UN160539 UN16/539
UN160540 UN16/540
UN160541 UN16/541
UN160542 UN16/542
UN160545 UN16/545
UN160546 UN16/546
for the CD3M/33A together with bitstreams and shift pulses.
Power requirements +5V at 200mA, +18V at 100mA; -18V at
100mA. CH1/64J. Parent equipment CD3M/33A. DD 1981.
DDMI 6.380(82). DDHB 6.228(83) EDI 10444(1) AUG 82.
Sync and Burst Separator. Part of AM18L/526 Stabilising
Amplifier for Television News. Isolates Syncs and burst
from one of two incoming video signals. Power requirements
!12V. CH1/64J. DD 1978. DDMI 8.604(79).
Sync and Burst Separator. Used in AM18L/525 stabilising
amplifier. Isolates syncs and burst from incoming video
signal. Power requirements H2V d.c. CH1/64J. Parent
equipment AM18L/525. DD 1979.
Sync Separator. Similar to UN16/535. Small circuit change
only and addition of front panel monitor point. Power
requirements +12V, -12V, +5V. CH1/65J. Parent equipment
ME3M/501. DD 1979. DDMI 9.249(79).
Sync Separator and Signal Identification Unit. To separate
synchronising pulses and to identify Test Signal Type and
Sync Pulse Characteristics. Provides 1MHz and 20MHz Logic
Clock Pulses locked to Line Sync, and signals to drive the
associated GE1/596 whcih also controls the output of
Identification Data onto a Microprocessor Bus. Power
requirements +5V, +12V, -12V. Parent equipment ME3M/502.
DD 1980. DDMI 9.308(83).
Picture Monitor SIS Sync Separator. Sync separator unit to
enable picture monitors to operate with sound-in-syncs
signals. Has single output of mixed syncs. Video power
inputs are looped-through. Power requirements 240V a.c.
Diecast Box 188 x 120 x 56mm. DD 1982. DDMI 9.297(83).
DDHB 9.190(83). EDI 10490(1)MAY 84.
Sync Separator Unit. This unit is a Sync Separator
intended as a direct plug-in replacement for the SIS Sync
Separators, fitted in either the PYE SIS Coder LDM1801 or
PYE SIS Decoder LDM1803. The unit has been designed for
use when an improved performance with poor quality video
signals is required. Power requirements +12V, -12V, +5V.
231mm x 1ll.5mm PCB fitted with ISEP 25-way connector.
DD 1983. Superseded by UN16/552. OBSOLESCENT.
TRS Decoder & Sync Regenerator Unit. Used in the CD3M/546
Digital PAL Decoder, this unit decodes Timing Reference
Signals (TRS) to regenerate analogue mixed syncs. It may
operate in either 625 line or 525 line modes. It also
contains a multiplexer and output driver stage to form the
parallel studio interface signal at 27 Mbytes/s from the
component Y, Cr & Cb 13.5 Mbytes/s signals. Power
requirements +5.35 V at 2.5A, -5.2V at 1.5A. 4U
unsupported printed board. Parent equipment CD3M/546.
Chassis extender CH4/5. DD(l) 1985.
S.1.S. Sync Separator. Requires a video input of 1 V,
+3 dB, -6 dB. Input impedance greater than 15 kQ. Outputs
of mixed syncs., line syncs., field syncs and even field at