UN260593 UN26/593
UN260594 UN26/594
UN260595 UN26/595
UN260596 UN26/596
UN260597 UN26/597
UN260599 UN26/599
UN260600 UN26/600
UN260601 UN26/601
UN260602 UN26S/602
blanking. Power requirements +5 V at 1 At -5 V at 0.5 A.
4U unsupported PCB. Parent equipment CD3M/546. DD 1984.
TV Waveform Analyser Interface Unit. This unit is
intended to provide on interface between the ME3M/502 TV
waveform analyser and a BBC imcrocomputer. This enables
the ME3M/502 to be controlled automaticallYt and the
measurement results displayed or printed via the computer.
Power requirements + 5 V dc. 127 mm x 72 mm PCB. DD 1983.
RGB - YUV Matrix. This unit is for use in the Programmable
Colour Bar Generator GE6/560 which then becomes the 'A'
version and provides outputs of YUV instead of RGB. Power
requirements +5 V -5 V +12 V. PCB 150 x 146 mm
approximately. Parent equipment GE6/560A. DD 1983
B.A.T. Video Processing Unit. Provides delay and
amplification for video and key signals from B.A.T.
Generator to enable correct insertion into transmission
video signal. Power requirements +12 V -12 V t +5 V.
CH1/64A. Parent equipment MX5M/507. DD 1983.
DPCM Predictor Unit. Used in the production version of the
vision coder.
sum of
and field-delayed terms of the prediction algorithm. Power
requirements +5 V t SA; -5 Vt100 mA. 6U unsupported
printed board. DD 1984.
Vision Coder Output Unit. Used in the production version
of the 68 Mbit/s PAL vision coder. Combines vision data
and field interval data and converts them to the interface
format. Power requirements +5 V t 4 A; -5 V t 50 mA. 6U
unsupported PCB. DD 1985.
Overlay Processing Unit. Overlay Processing Unit replaces
UN26/523A providing an exclusive key signal output and
fringe suppression of overlay foregrounds. Power
requirements 240 Vac. CH1/64A (4 U). Supersedes UN26/523
panel PA20/533. DD 1985.
EBUS Character Processing Unit. When driven by an EBUS
tributary the card will switch between two sources of
incoming video and insert characters into the selected
source. Power requirements +12 V; +5 V; -12 V. Chassis
dimensions 4 U unsupported printed board. Chassis extender
CH4/5. DD (7) 1985. OOMI 7.538(86).
Auto-Phase Reference Unit. Provides phase and timing
reference signals for up to eleven AM1/614s and 2 other
UN26/601s. Inputs from MS and CSC or black and burst t or
from another UN26/601. Power requirements +18 V t 200 mA;
-18 V t 200 mAt both unstabilised. 4 U unsupported pcb.
Chassis extender CH1A/44. 00(8) 1985.
8085 Micro-Processor Unit. The board is based on an 8085A
microcomputer chip and has edge connections defined by the
"Eric" Bus used in electronic graphics and enhanced
It has a
total addressable memory