UN260603 UN26S/603
UN260604 UN26/604
UN260605 UN26/605
UN270001 UN27S/1
UN270002 UN27/2
UN270003 UN27/3
UN270004 UN27/4
capaci ty of 64 kbytes which can be accessed in 8 kbyte
blocks. A bootstrap ROM arrangement works in conjunction
with a dedicated parallel input-output port to support an
intelligent Remex floppy disk drive unit for the purpose of
downloading a CP/M operating system. In addition there are
two serial RS232 ports, a user 8-bit input port and a user
8-bit output port. Power requirements +5 V, 2.5 A. 4 U
unsupported board with PN1/29J front panel. Chassis
extender CH4/5. RD 1985.
CVI Bus Processor Unit. The board is based on an 8085A
microcomputer chip and has edge connections defined by the
CVI Bus. It accepts parallel data in, and reformats to
TELETEXT DATA prior to insertion on TV lines in the field
blanking. Power requirements +5 V, 1 A. 4 U unsupported
board with PNl/29J front panel. Chassis extender CH4/5.
RD 1985.
Burn Processor Uni t. This uni t is designed to replace a
number of printed circuit cards, associated with shading
and burn correction, in the Rank Cintel Mk III telecine
machines. It provides improved performance and simplifies
the alignment procedure. The unit accepts the Burn signal
and the three shading correction signals and processes
these to produce Red, Green and Blue correction signals.
Power requirements: t12 V from machine. Chassis: 3 U ISEP
Card, 253 mm x 112 mm. Cintel 100658, 100661, 100832.
D & ED (C) 1986.
VANTAGE Data Inserter Unit. This unit is part of the
VANTAGE Edit Control System. It inserts up to two rows of
text into the video output of a VTR machine, being driven
from a parallel data bus by a UN26S/92 microcomputer card.
Power requirements t12V, 100mA; +5V, 350mA. 6U Euro card.
160mm long. D&ED (C) 1987.
Read Only Memory arranged as 8k (option 1) or l6k (option
2) words, 8 bits wide using EPROM devices. 16 bit address
decoding is included on card. It is intended to be used
with microprocessor systems on a standard backplane. Power
requirements: Option 1 +5V 80mA, +12V 250mA, -12V 360mA.
Option 2
57-way D.S.
connector. DD 1977. DDHB 2.460(82).
Caption Storage Unit holding captions which may be
transmitted by the Apology Caption Generator. Power
requirements t5V, +12V d.c. CH1/64J. Parent equipment
GE8M/1. DD 1978.
Cursor Store. Holds current address
display cursors for Monitoring and
VDU's. Power requirements 5V d.c.
equipment UN12M/5. DD 1978.
of upper and lower
Information Centre
CH1/64J. Parent
Buffer Store. First in first out store for Monitoring and
Information Centre VDU. Power requirements 5V d.c.
CH1/64J. Parent equipment UN12M/5. DD 1978.