UN270503 UN27/503
UN270504 UN27/S04
UN270505 UN27/S05
UN270S06 UN27/506
UN270S07 UN27/S07
Digital Coefficient Store Unit. This unit stores apertures
in programmable read only memories for use in the digital
field store standards converter, C06/S10. The aperture
values are read out during output line blanking to 16
digital multipliers in the form of 32 9-bit words. Power
requirements +SV, lA -5V 100mA. CH1/7SA. DD 1978.
l6K RAM Television Frame Store. Single-bit television
frame store for digital YUV video components arranged to be
input as two data streams which are normally operating at
l2MHz. One stream is intended for the 'Y' compt camples
at l2MHz and the other for multiplexed 4MHz samples 'ut and
'V' components. Each data stream has a separate output per
field making a total of 4 outputs. Coding positions 1, 31
and 3S. Power requirements +5 V, 500mA; +12V, 1.OA; -SV,
10mA. 4U BMM unsupported card. RD 1980.
Logic Buffer Store. This board accepts a serial data
stream, converts this to a 8-bit word in a specified manner
and stores these words in a memory. They can be read out
sequentially in synchronism to external timing signals,
independent of when originally stored in the memory and
while other words are being stored. Power requirements
2.2A at SV. 4U unsupported card BMM. Parent equipment
PA1M/S80. RD 1981.
DOG Memory Expansion Unit. This 4U wire-wrap card expands
the graphics memory storage of 'DOG' GE6M/S48 by an addi-
tional 16K bytes. The card is to be mounted externally to
the DOG equipment. Power requirements +SV ~O.2SV. CH1/79.
Parent equipment GE6M/S48. DD 1982.
Character Generator and Data Store Unit. This unit accepts
parallel data and control signals from the Microcomputer
Board UN26/46. The data and control codes are then loaded
into the buffer memory for transfer into the display memory
for the production of teletext from the character generator
circuitry for output to the RGB decoder board UN26/572.
Power requirements +5V at 300mA, +12V at 100mA. Parent
equipment CD3L/S43. DD 1982.